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Pro-street[ish] Disco Nova

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I've felt a little frustrated with this build because I haven't been able to make any progress with it. I felt in a Catch22 situation over the rear suspension and the engine, I couldn't see how to work out the ride height or a sequence to complete the engine. I've got over it though. 

I used plastic card to form plates for the rear axle and will simulate a simple 4 link rear end from rod. I fitted coilovers behind the axle and a strengthening box across the diff. 

On the engine I brushed Tamiya silver on. Then, again using plastic card, formed a front motor plate. I used the timing cover to guage the size and where I would have to drill holes for the locating pins on the timing cover into the block, then trimmed it so as not to interfere with the magneto mounts. It will require further fettling obviously but it felt good just seeing the engine and transmission in place at last. It's too high at the front but I don't care at this point. I can now make the engine one piece. Wire it up, and then set the final height. 

The headers that come with the Nova aren't too bad once built with the collectors. I'll have to use them because the rail just has Zoomies. 

I realized that I'm a right messy pig too, there's no room on my bench. Every time I move something, something else falls off the edge. Maybe I should just leave them on the floor. 

Can't tell you how hard this sort of work is with one eye!!! So hard to align stuff etc... I got that frustrated I decided to just build the engine that comes with the Nova, it's a poor rendition of a big block Chevy but plonked together nicely. Made me feel as if I can still do stuff. Actually got me moving again. 









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I think I just get frustrated with my eyesight. This cataract in my right eye makes close up work so difficult. After two cancellations they've referred me to a private clinic and hopefully it'll be gone by mid-March and I'll have two eyes again!

Actually, that big block Chevy doesn't look THAT bad does it!?

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x2 with it being good to see a progress update.

Nice work on the diff, going to look the part perfectly after a bit of detail painting.

Engine plate was a great idea so you can mount it on the frame rails, and again it will look the part.

Agree those headers look good built up.

The kit engine with a bit of visual interest detail work, would be cool. But that supercharged drag engine is what will make this build something special. If you dont mind sacrificing some accuracy and it is needed to make something work and its visually appealing I say go for it. 

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I'm snatching moments on this build. I'm desperate to get the engine together so I used some Tamiya Clear Orange over the silver to mimic an anodised sump pan and magneto bodies. I then picked out the top of the magnetos and painted the bellhousing/scattershield in Tamiya gloss red. Coloured the front pulley with a blue Sharpie to look like blue anodising and then fitted the rocker covers and the blower so that I can route the plug wires properly. 

I have the old Dukes of Hazzard Hemi sitting on the bench, I scrapped the car years ago, and I couldn't help but put the two together. IMG_20210223_144513464.thumb.jpg.55a539f4c69d50a5cb2023b1ccb3cfbb.jpg




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Got the magnetos wired up, not my tidiest job, don't know whether I'd have been better starting at the magnetos rather than at the plugs working back, never mind. Got the motor plate shaped and dropped the engine and gearbox in to check the height, looks ok. 




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