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1917 Ford Diorama 1/35 scale .

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Hello everyone . Here is a diorama that we just completed after a few months work .

                             The truck was previously posted in Trucks thread .

                             Diorama base is a cheap picture frame which we modified , felt is applied on bottom to prevent scratching .

                             Plaster on bldg. is tile grout with some pigment . Potting soil mixed with water/PVA glue is ground .

ww1fordsoldiers 1 (640x480).jpg

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Our camera isn't the best . Sorry for blurry pictures .

Tiles on roof  and eavestrough are A&W paper drinking straws cut and painted .

Our grenade thrower in back of truck was placed there due to lack of space .

ww1fordsoldiers 2 (640x480).jpg

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Here is the inside of our farm bldg. . Balsa wood door/frame and window .

Electrical conduit is .050'' diameter rosin core solder bent to suit .

back of bldg (640x480).jpg

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Woodland Scenics turf material and undergrowth for foliage .

Soldiers are ICM kits . Nice products to work with.

Planning the layout was tricky , it evolved over time until a final scene was decided on .

With Covid lockdown here in our province this provided hours of enjoyment to build.

front view (640x480).jpg

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Nicely done diorama, Rob...... and I agree that those ICM figures are good to work with. Once assembled and painted, the ICM figures are always realistic, so I have used them a lot in my diorama settings.


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Thanks for feedback David . Dimensions for diorama are 140mm x 190mm and roughly 100mm height .

Rather difficult to find British/CDN soldiers to build , either WW1 or WW2. Dragon , which has a nice product line , offers mostly German WW2 .

The ICM Ford truck is a very kit to build , excellent fit up and details .

We have never built any MENG kits , but I hear they are quite nice . Some day might we might build some armour .


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