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Three versions of the Viper.  The convertible is basically stock painted in Metallic Red with custom white pearl duel stripes.ACtC-3c1cAcTXRdOvm_iYJDJydPgbl00A9ijh-bu

The second version is a custom painted Viper ACR (American Club Racer) version that appeared here a number of years ago. The car has a custom Viper logo on the rear window with the doors opened and hinged.  The paint is a variation of custom mixed green and light yellow-green pearl with homemade “scale” decals over the paint to replicate a stylized snake skin.  The white pearl duel stripe over the center has a different snakeskin decal over it. The race markings are from a variety of leftovers from other builds.ACtC-3cNnFiGK4N7KUOf112J0z-uWFuAq2ccXNlkACtC-3fdBdfTPUdMW0FSe0jjZ2Anq3mR1TRBGfip

The third version is brand new build.  I, through a huge amount of scratch building, converted a Viper ACR into a very close to actual GT3 Viper.  Huge changes to the wheel well openings and lower side skirt.  The nose was completely rebuilt with a much larger air opening, lower road lights and side winglets, along with scratch build headlights (relocated) and new air outlet vents on the hood to vent upward the hot air exiting from the radiator.  The hood was molded into the front clip which was cut “pancake” style.  The rear end and rear window were completely redone (rear window skin panel is removable).  The interior completely rebuilt with a roll cage and racing seat.  New wheels and tires installed, doors opened and hinged.  The paint is Krylon colormax in Matte Sea Glass and Gloss True Blue which are very, very close to the actual colors of the Falken race cars, once decaled, covered in Krylon Clear triple glaze clear coat. There is no Viper Falken race car, so this is a “what if” build.  They run a Porsche GT3 and a BMW M6 GT3 which both utilize the distinctive blue and green livery’s.  I picked up two kits of the BMW Falken car, one to build as the Falken version (in process build picture included here)ACtC-3d-E5D42Yhip8jLGQ1yMJum0tPZ1_8rsShd and one to use aftermarket decals (ordered from Spot Model in Spain) to build a different version (I have 4 M6’s completed now, so soon will have two more).  Three Vipers in increasingly more aggressive versions.  That’s it.ACtC-3dytPcEraz5sgeSv0kPfC6NNHJSxpv_Rvo7ACtC-3eBB2v8FECVY65V1LjuxDd77K1Z0NnUP3X5ACtC-3fciQ8nKkx8Cb_ggeKZKm9M-we4YkBumoFMACtC-3cFYq-UhFeGrZoNaT7eiNYradSENtzpsGWJACtC-3dM6Oi_qeTomEkYq9MmKsK4yLC_gVyM6v91ACtC-3fueVwD8jjV-FKhyOncCLCvn69mkvawC6YE

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Beautiful looking snake pit.  I like the scale finish on the one but they're all unique looking in their own way. 

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I really like the snake skin version. You did a great job with the decals.

There have been other Falken race cars, not just the BMW & Porsche. A Ford GT (the ovesized GT40 replica Ford made a few years back) endurance racer and Nissan Silvia & Ford Mustang drift cars are 3 off the top of my head.


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