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Revell 1/16 Porsche 356C Cabriolet

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Below are some pics of the Revell-Germany 1/16 Porsche 356C Cabriolet.  The kit is built mostly box stock.  I added some engine details but the rear lid doesn't open wide enough for me to get a good picture.   I also replaced the kit radio antenna with one made from stainless tubing and wire and I added some Grandt Line nuts to the convertible top to replicate the grommets and snaps.

This is a good kit that is based on the 356 hardtop which is a snap-lock kit.  Because of that there are large lugs on the inside of the body parts that are intended to snap over holes in the chassis and interior bucket.  The lugs left large sink marks all over the body that had to be dealt with.  I had to spend quite a bit of time sanding, filling, priming and repeating to get the body ready for paint.  Paint is Tamiya Spray Gloss Black (TS-14) decanted and airbrushed.  No clearcoat was used.  The interior color is a mix of Tamiya acrylics. 

This is a model of one of my all-time favorite cars.  I had enough fun with it that I'll probably build the hardtop at some point.  The only problem is it takes up quite of bit of space on my shelf! 

All comments and constructive criticism are welcome.  Thanks for looking!








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Great model, very clean and neat. Paintjob is really top notch. I dont know why it did not get lots of critics but compared some unrealistic car models in the forum, your work really deserves much more appreciation...

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Very nice build.  I built the coupe last fall/winter.  It really is a good kit and I basically just clear coated the body and it turned out looking pretty nice.  I painted the interior and engine too if I remember right.  The other thing I remember are the windows can try ones patience and resolve.  Again great build.  

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Very nice...i need to have this kit too. i live next to stuttgart so i have porsches all around me every day...but not in my garage sadly...so i think i have to put that thing on the shelf...

Great job!

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Beautiful job on that.   You really nailed that black paint,  smooth and straight as can be.   I'll bet it would be very difficult to get a good photo of that out in the sunlight.    Nice job on your photography also.

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