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Below are some pics of the 1998 Team Green Kool Reynard driven by Dario Franchitti in his rookie year.  The model was based on the Revell Rahal Shell Reynard that came out about 20 years ago.

The kit was built pretty much box-stock.  I cut apart the lower plate which allowed me to attach it to the body and sand the resulting seam before painting which gave it a cleaner look.  Paint is Tamiya Spray Pure White (TS-26) and a mix of Gunze Sangyo Mr. Color Bright Green (66) and Cobalt Blur (80) to match the decals.  The Kool livery markings were from a sheet by Ricambi I got a number of years ago.  Tire decals are from IndyCals and are highly recommended.  The only other addition was a set of seat belts made from paper and Tuner Manufactory hardware.

I've enjoyed building a number of these kits and if you can track down some of the aftermarket decals, or use the ones from IndyCals, you can build some attractive and unusual models.

All comments and criticism are welcome.  Thanks for looking!   







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48 minutes ago, Rich Chernosky said:

That is a very sharp build. Nice and clean. The masking and decals are top notch. Good job. 

Agreed, very well done.  Always like to see more open wheel cars on here.

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Criticisms...are you kidding!? That’s an absolute stunner! Of course I’m also a sucker for green.

Its a beautiful race car done up very well👍

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