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Have all but finished the body my mate printed for me on his cheap 3D filament printer, lucky for me he has just bought a new state of the art printer, but it is still filament.  I'm just waiting on 2 more decals for the sides but thought I would post it anyway.  Had a lot of fun making a 'kit' out of it.  Went through my resin parts box for all the pieces and made a buck so I could vacform a windscreen. Finished in auto acrylic and Patto's decals.

Tks for looking.

Dave B






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Great looking model of a very striking racing car. I am not sure what scale yours is but I did build one many years ago from maybe an Academy kit that if I remember correctly had incredibly thick and hard plastic and could be battery/electric motor powered.


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Both the 3D printed one came out looking real good. Can't imagine how much cleanup work you have to do to the body to get that smooth finish.

The Academy one looks good, too. I had that kit once but disposed of it after getting the 1/43 Marsh kit of the car. Didn't realize the Academy kit could look that good when built.

Cool looking car that was not such a great racer.

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