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Abandoned 41 Willys Drag Pickup


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On 2/5/2021 at 11:34 AM, Modlbldr said:

Just finished up this build. My second completed project for 2021!

The story behind this one is a 60's drag racer who ran this pickup for a few years bought a newer (for him) 64 Chevy II from a fellow racer and pulled the 283 he had in this to put in the Chevy II. Later- he sold the fiberglass front clip to another buddy who ran his Willys pickup down the guardrail during a match, tearing up his front end. Now, years later, here sits what is left of his old ride.

I used this cab as a test mule for the salt technique because it was a spare (I didn't have a complete kit). Once it turned out as nice as it did, I decided to build it. I found a few more parts for it off of eBay. I also used parts from a Thames Panel kit and scratch built the front suspension and steering linkage. I flattened the front passenger tire a bit for effect. I put some miscellaneous engine bay bolts and plates on the front of the frame to look as if parts had been left behind after disassembly. Minimal decals from my stash were also used. It was a fun build and I now have another for the finished column! Hope you like it.









Nice touch leaving the back half of that housing behind.

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This pickup is perfect! (well almost perfect) The only thing I would change would be to make one (or both) of the rear slicks flat. My slicks would lose air after a couple of weeks. With the look of the finished product it's just not right with aired up tires to me. (unless you were going for the "just pushed out of the barn" look) I LOVE this build. (sorry to be critical) 

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Very cool Tom. Really like the detail (down to the tranny) and great job on the weathering. So...a possible scenario to a follow-on....

Some years later. Funny car fiend Lobo2me (because he's nuts) bought this rode hard and put away wet Willys P/U from Tom to complete The Terminator....





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That's one way to avoid having to do exactly the correct size plug wires.  Love the weathering, I've done the salt technique, it's fun to intentionally screw up a paint job.  The detail in the transmission looks great.

My first derelict looks better in this diorama, saw others suggest ideas.


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