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Agora Shelby Super Snake

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Agora Shelby Super Snake 1/8 scale. Built it out of box( boxes). Only thing I did was paint the door jambs white. Bill (Mr. Obsessive ) , these are very cool. Thank you for the door help. They were not so bad after its assembled. Took your advice and left them alone. Very, very fun kit to build. It’s huge and very heavy. I did have to repaint the roof stripes. Since it’s very heavy I did not put it on a soft surface. So all my fault. The instructions say to put the body on a very smooth surface but I did not listen. The model is a stunner when finished. If your into Shelbys, this is your kit. 









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P.S. If you get this kit, there are the regular Goodyear’s with wheels. And a book. When I receive these things I will post them. I will put the wider tires and wheels on. I will also post the book. 

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A fantastic build all the way around.  At first I thought the grille looked strange but I looked up some pictures and sure enough the area behind the driving lights is white.  Nice to see Agora paid attention to details most would overlook.  These two pictures are from 2003 and 2013.



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Bruce, absolutely FABULOUS! :wub:

Yes, I HIGHLY recommend this kit to anyone that's into Shelby's and wants to spend the time and money.

You're welcome on the doors.......as I mentioned before, I'd love to see them do a '68 GT500 KR convertible. I can betcha they won't be able to keep up with demand!

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Thank you Bill. The KR convertible would be great! I’ll have Mark put a word in. Agora is comming out with a 61 Jaguar XKE convertible. Check it out.

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Bill.        Sorry about your bank account but I really knew you were interested in the Jaguar. Looks really good. I might have to pull the trigger on that one. Yes and the cobra is really good also. 

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