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68 Impala

Cool Hand

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Yeah the a.d.d is a problem.

Well im in the lowrider mood lately so im going about sussing some idea's out and possibly do some paint work while the summer weather lasts.

Another kit I bought from ole mate Ray. A very lucky score as it was my holy grail kit.

My liking for the 68 Impala came about from the movie The Principal. Then I became a fan of Lowriders. 

The kit is in the wrong box, no instructions and missing some parts. But that didnt matter.





Over view of what parts came in the box.


Set it up on the oob chassis. 



I really like the tail lights in the bumper of the 68's


Also like the rear quarter and roof shape.








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That would also be my holy grail kit as  the '67-'68 Impala fastbacks are amongst my most favorite body styles.  The trim lines on this one appears well defined and it looks as though there will be a fair amount of foil work on this body. The chrome looks very bright on this very rare kit. 

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I'll definitely be following this one. Our family car growing up was a '68 Impala, so they're near and dear to me.

Gotta wonder what happened to the tooling for the body/interior of this one?  (I know the driveline/chassis got recycled each year thru '76)  We really need a plastic '68 again!

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