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Simuna Speed Shop Anglia Super Gas

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Antti Kivinummi, a finnish drag racer has had this Anglia ca. 20 years. I got the 1/25 Revell kit Anglia Street Rod gasser, chopped roof, wide rear fenders, made a tube chassis, BBC 490 cid, PG trans, 9" rear end, four links, coilovers, disc brakes, roll cage, headers, intake, lift off bonnet, scoop, gas tank, rear wheels, wheelie bars, all the decals etc. Lots of fun and challenging scratch work for weeks. 







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I think you did a darn good job. I looked up the real car and i must say, you nailed it! Also watched a video on youtube  (Antti Kivinummi - Drag race -kuski 2004) that showed the car in action.

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Thank you very much everyone for your kind words.

Yesterday the owner/driver of the real car got the little Anglia and took it home. I really hope he likes it as much as he said with a big smile on his face. 

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