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44 minutes ago, vintagerpm said:

All Testor's model paints have been discontinued.

Are you certain about that, or just speculating based on internet buzz? There seems to be conflicting information on that topic.

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1 hour ago, Miatatom said:

Vintagerpm is correct. No more Testors paint. 😪

How do you know? I would like to get the right answer to this. Unsubstantiated and unverified one-line statements all over the internet say"Testors is gone", but I can't find an official statement saying so. The-sky-is-falling types all over internet forums and facebook are saying so, but I can't find an informed and trustworthy source making this claim. Testors own website is useless, still promoting Model Master products.

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Testors recently added a craft enamel spray line, apparently to compete against Short Cuts and other craft sprays.  That line has some flat and some gloss colors, the gloss colors include a coral and (IIRC) a turquoise that would be suitable for some Fifties cars.  I think there are some bottled paints too, but those could be acrylic.

Their other recent experiments like the CreateFX craft paints apparently didn't go over too well...Michael's had them for only a short time, the stores here were blowing them out pretty soon after they started carrying them.

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