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1/25 Lindberg 1967 Olds 442 in Tahoe Turquoise

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On 2/25/2021 at 11:40 AM, Scalper said:

Wow nice build, nice and clean. great paint and detail. very nice model you built  

Thank you! The kit was a breeze to build. 

23 hours ago, Bainford said:

Beautiful Olds. Great paint work, and the colour is gorgeous. Well done.

Thank you! It was hard to capture the color in my camera - I really like the Mr Color's metallic lineup.

22 hours ago, Speedpro said:

That sir is a downright beautiful 442!  Those colors work so well together too. Your effort shows everywhere. Very well done!



Thank you very much!  I love these unique interior colors from 60s domestics.

17 hours ago, charger74 said:

Very nice, love the color 

Thank you!

9 hours ago, Tommy124 said:

Great build, nice images! Well done! De-chroming the wheelhouse trims certainly was worth the effort, as IMHO that is one big downside of this kit. I also like the fact that you give detailed information on your painting process. In fact, I might be tempted to use your "mixing recipe" for the body color one day... :rolleyes:

I agree 100%. After de-chroming it I noticed the uneveness  on those parts but they were too fragile to properly sand them - I really should've glued them pre-primer and fixed the gap with putty. 

7 hours ago, BeakDoc said:

Fantastic model building! The color and finish are spectacular. 

Thank you!

6 hours ago, ATHU said:

Looks absolutely phenomenal, superb job!!

Appreciate it!

6 hours ago, HobbyNutModels said:

Wow, beautiful paint and interior.

Thank  you! 

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On 2/26/2021 at 4:22 PM, thomascoffey1959@gmail.com said:

No sir, thank YOU ,for sharing.  I didn't see any flaws or defects in the finish of this model, but I'm sure you could point some , something, out that you're not satisfied with.. Thanks again for posting

Thank you Thomas. I'm always trying to improve!

On 2/26/2021 at 7:51 PM, PappyD340 said:

Extremely nice model!

Appreciate it!

On 2/27/2021 at 3:00 AM, Danno said:

^  What everyone said! ^  

Superb build!


Thank you!

On 2/27/2021 at 4:22 AM, Spottedlaurel said:

That's a stunner Chang, so nicely done. That paintwork!

Modelling metallic colors (especially the size of flakes) have come a long way since a decade ago when I started modelling somewhat seriously!  

On 2/27/2021 at 7:27 AM, tim boyd said:

Chang....very, very sharp.  Great to see the effort to use factory-correct finishes and colors.....Big congrats....TIM 

Thanks Tim! I always start my process with factory color books and looking at countless photos of examples  - for me it's the most fun part of the modelmaking. Olds back in the day certainly had great colors to pick from.. unlike boring colors that you get with cars these days.

6 hours ago, slusher said:

Absolutely gorgeous Oldsmobile!!

Thank you as always!  

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Extremely impressed with mirror-like finish and equally impressed with the detail and realism on the instrument panel side of the dash. 

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On 2/28/2021 at 12:00 PM, ewetwo said:

What a beautiful car.

Thank you! 

On 2/28/2021 at 5:55 PM, Kah puts said:

Outstanding model. Excellent photos.

Thanks. I strongly recommend building the Lindberg  67' Olds!

12 hours ago, AMT68 said:

Extremely impressed with mirror-like finish and equally impressed with the detail and realism on the instrument panel side of the dash. 

Thank you! Masking is definitely tedious but it's well worth the effort.  

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