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Oh no!, I did it again I'm making a 48', 6 axle flatbed trailer

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Thanks Gator

Hey guys 

 Small update, I have been working on the interior.

20210525_164950.jpgI have the interior almost done. I added some carpet to the door panels.

20210525_165133.jpgthis view shows the Czech Model Trucks instrument panel, air knobs, glove box and gear knob installed.

20210525_165106.jpgthis view shows the detail I added to the seats, I did this with a 0.1 mm Molotow black marker and paint, a little hard to see but if you zoom in you can see it.

20210525_165339.jpgthis view shows the Czech Model Trucks 4 spoke steering wheel center I added to the kits steering wheel ring. I still have to add some clear acrylic gloss to the gauge faces. 

 Well that's it for now be back soon with more.

Ron G 

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Thanks guys 

 Some more work done on the interior.

20210526_172922.jpgI totally remade the bed. I used two of the kit mattresses glued back to back to make it thicker (this trucker, like me has a bad back...lol).  You can just see the pillow that I made with a piece of foam rubber for a pillow and covered in a piece of paper towel for a pillow case.

20210526_172857.jpgthis view shows the blanket, made from blue paper shop towel, and both sheets, made from paper towel.

20210526_172836.jpgthis view shows the bed support structure and it covers the bunk heater area (that you won't see).

20210526_172820.jpgthis view shows the other side of the bed support structure.

20210526_172801.jpgbottom view of the bed support structure. I have to paint all of this.

20210526_172734.jpgthis view shows just the bed, sheets, blanket and pillow.

20210526_172716.jpgthis view shows the carpet added to the sleeper floor.

 Now I have to figure out what color to paint this rig. Dark blue with light blue frame? Red with black uppers and fenders with black frame? Pink with purple poka dots...lol. Give me some ideas guys?

Ron G 

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             I really like your use of the shop paper towel and paper towel for the sleeper bed . I have used tissue paper for things in the past .

 But not what you have used here. I'll have to give that a go sometime soon !



   Be Well


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