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My rare auto models


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I mean  rare auto models could be models of rare autos, rare models of autos and rare models of rare autos. They could be produced by factories or the factory models  customized by collectors or scratchbuilt models made  by enthusiast DIY guys.

In my collection are all three type of rarities to find but I have to admit I can`t decide how much rare is a model of a car in the world – I know only how difficult was for me to find that one.  The scratch built models are all one-off and I dare say they are rarities. But this forum is about diecast models I don`t know may I show here such models ?


W-Motors Lycan HyperSport 2012 and Fenyr SuperSport 2015

Wikipedia says: W Motors is an Emirati sports car company founded in Lebanon in 2012, being the first developer of high-performance luxury sports cars in the Middle East. Based in Dubai, the company's activities include automotive design, research and development, as well as vehicle engineering and manufacture.

I found the model of Lycan HyperSport first. The model is made according the box by Mondo Motors but on the base of car  is www.jadatoys.com and Made in China. The scale is 1:24. (some years later Jada made a 1:55 Lycan)

After checking photos I decided to detail the model, especially the enterieur by painting. There are a lot of details in the casting but everything is black plastic. It is too bad that after assembly the inside is nearly invisible.





And some elements of inside:





The Fenyr SuperSport is a really toy car (with pull back motor, ligts, motorsound or musik) but the shape is really good. The model produced by Newao Toys in 1:24 scale. The inside is detailed a bit in factory but not perfect to 1:1. As there are so much electronic with wiring in model I don`t dare to take apart the car. (for the time being)




Enjoy the pictures - all comments are highly appreciated.

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Thank you for nice comments.

My next car is the Alfa Romeo Scarabeo OSI 1966.

The body design is made by OSI (Officine Stampaggi Industriali.) The extravagant and well streamlined body is seating on the tubular chassis of Alfa Romeo Typo 33.

The Scarabeo was mounted with the Alfa Romeo 1600 inline-four engine transversally in the chassis  and completed with suspension elements of Renault 8. The sleek and light body made the car 200 km/h quick. A second prototype was built with lightly simpler design too.

The greatest of the models is the red 1:25 Politoys car.

 Well detailed, everything is to open, steering the front wheels is working.  Little detail delicatessen: the window behind the driver&copilot has  a horizontale step  for the carburators just behind the head of copilot.





The silver model is 1:43 scale made by Dinky.

In original codition was the model playworn, only one headlight missing but no greater damages. Wirewheels are not the same that had the original car. I repainted the car in silver metalic – the color of the first concept car – and made new healights and plastic covers. I completed the model with some decals and detailings by painting.





The yellow model is made by Guisval/Spain category 3”.

The little toycar is in original factory outfit and in a rather good condition. The top of the car is opened. The rear has a simpler design as the original. The wheels are nice looking. There is no engine copy in the rear of car. Now the rear slot is open - would be nice to see an engine copy.




Enjoy the pictures

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Pegaso Z 102 1955

Pegaso was a well known truck and bus manufacturer when they started a sportscar project in 1951. They recruited a talented ingenieur team from former Alfa Romeo and Ferrari applies. The car was at its time the world fastest production car with the top speed of 240 km/h. On the other part the car was rather heavy and hardly  to drive. So the car couldn`t make a good name by racing succeses and without that who want a sportscar from a truck factory ? The very expensive production made an end of the project in 1958.

 The diecast model is made by Salvat S.L. Spain in scale 1:24. The car is made beautifully – only that right rearlamp . . .    with a black plastic base. The packing is a blister like plastic bubble with backside black cardboard. I think it is acceptable for the price 30.00€ with postage.

Enjoy the pictures.








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2 hours ago, Gramps46 said:

Oh yes!!!  Thank you for posting this Pegaso and now I must find one.

Probably need the Facel HK500 and the DS21 too. 
Decades after yours, there’s a Ctype resin kit. Looks decent. Same guys do the Rot Sau AMG 300SEL 6.8 in resin. 

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1 hour ago, keyser said:

Probably need the Facel HK500 and the DS21 too. 
Decades after yours, there’s a Ctype resin kit. Looks decent. Same guys do the Rot Sau AMG 300SEL 6.8 in resin. 

I found the Pegaso on the bay now to look for the others.  Thanks for the tips.  

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Mazda Sigma MC74 Le Mans 1974

Mazda started with the Sigma 73 first time in Le Mans. The car was out of the race after 12 hours with a transmission failure.

In 1974 the Sigma 74 finished the race but they were not classified because they achieved 156 laps only and it was less than 70% of the winners distance. (336 laps)

But the Sigma MC74 powered by a Mazda 12A rotary engine was the first engine and team from outside Western Europe and the United States to finish the entire 24 hours of the Le Mans race.

The model made by Tomica from 1975. The car was worn of its age accordingly. The wheels and base were in a good condition surprisingly. But specially the air intake over the drivers head was nearly disappeard. Must make a scratchbuilt one and glued with epoxy putty. The rollbar was a simple one must changed to a scratchbuilt version.

I made templates for the decals by addhesive tape wich was flexible enought to be layed out even on the 3D curved surfases too. But this flexibility made me problems because at shelling the templates the material expanded and during smooth out to 2D the shape became dirtorted. So some of my printed decals were useless. After some correction on prints and using a lot of Decal-Set and Softener I did the work ready.

Enjoy the pictures.








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Lambotghini Veneno Concept 2013

The Lamborghini Veneno was developed to celebrate Lamborghini's 50th anniversary. The car based on the Aventador and produced in a limited quantity. That time it was one of the most expensive production car.

The model is made by MZ China in 1:24 scale rather good detailed. But that don`t mean there was not some further detailing possible first of all in the interieur – there were missing:

-          the red seaming on the seats, doors, dashboard and inside upholstery

-          the display on dashboard was not authentic

-          Lamborghini label on the middle of dashboard

-          the minus and plus signs on the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel

-          the red mark on steering wheel to show the straight position of wheel

-          carpet pad before the seats

-          the safety belts upper part and the Lamborghini name and italian flag  on it

-          the Lamborghini logo embroided on the headrest

-          the Lamborghini logo on the steering wheel

-          the X-shaped brace in the enginebay

-          the lettering Lamborghini on the  top of cylinder-head

The outside needed some addition too:

-          the ornamental strips with the italian national colors – green-white-red ( the colors should be in a sequence read from left to right and from high to down.  But the strips turning to horizontal  and making a little confusion on the right side of the car – over there the sequence is red-white-green and that is the hungarian national tricolor.)

-          the door-window frames semigloss black paint

-          the rear light got an aluminiumfoil backing to reflect more enviromental light

-          Lamborghini label in the middle of rear light

-          red Pirelli rings on the tires

-          the red strips got some correction along the edges

-          little decals LP 750-4 and 50 before and behind the rear wheels

The model is a bit more similar to 1:1 now.

Enjoy the pictures.




02 IMG_75621.jpg

03 IMG_75641.jpg

04 IMG_76111.jpg

05 IMG_76091.jpg

06 IMG_76131.jpg

07 IMG_76141.jpg

08 IMG_76161.jpg

09 IMG_76171.jpg

10 IMG_76181.jpg

11 IMG_76221.jpg

12 IMG_76241.jpg

13 IMG_76231.jpg

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Citroen Dyane Maharadjah

Majorette made a Dyane version named Maharadjah #237 in 1:60 about end of the `70s. The toycar had a parasol rotating by moving the car.

I found one on a flea market without rotating the parasol. An idea came accross my mind that how should  be well fitted a Citroen Dyane if a maharadja would want one.

The body color combo of silver and metalic orange is the same as a 1:1 Rolls Royce of a maharadjah. I made seat upolstery with tiger fur design. Other upolstery made with original indian carpeting design. The parasol scratch built decorated with „gold”yarn. I hope a maharadjah could enjoy these.

Enjoy the pictures.

P.S.: I try to make new posts weekly.


01 DSCN27091.jpg

02 DSCN27111.jpg

03 DSCN27101.jpg

04 DSCN27121.jpg

05 DSCN27151.jpg

06 DSCN27211.jpg

07 DSCN27251.jpg

08 DSCN27082.jpg

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Bugatti Veyron  Grand Sport L`Or Blanc 2011

Bugatti made the special edition of Grand Sport in partnership with the Royal Procelain Manufactory Berlin. They used  porcelain elements for exterior and interior design. On the outside are the inlays of the center wheel badges, the fuel filler cap, the oil filler cap, as well as the signature "EB" badge at the rear. In inside can be found the famous elephant sculpture on a porcelain laminae.  The sculpture was created by Rembrandt Bugatti for the Type 41 Royales. The  swirls „paint” is made with a precision tape made of delicate Japanese soft tissue which is stretchy somewhat and adheres perfectly. The price for this unique model started at 1.65 million €.

I converted a Bugatti Veyron Coupe from Siku about 1:56 to a Grand Sport by removing the top and curving the targa bar behind the seats. I made the swirls patern with decals. I devided the body surface to more sections and made templates of tham by masking tape. I scanned these and drew the design on it. The home printed decals were used for the full out- and inside to cover. A clear coat gives the protection of the delicate decalwork.

Enjoy the pictures.

01 DSCN03831.jpg

02 DSCN03941.jpg

03 DSCN03851.jpg

04 DSCN03861.jpg

05 DSCN03871.jpg

06 DSCN04001.jpg

07 DSCN04051.jpg

08 DSCN0403.jpg

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Lamborghini Concept S 2005

The lamborghini Concept S based on the Gallardo  and is a styling exercise.  There was only 2 cars built against all rumors of 100 cars.  One car is in the Lamborghini Museum with high window and without an engine. The low window prototype is a running car was up for auction in Pebble Beach by RM Sotheby but failed to sell

The model is made by Mondo Motors 1:24. The doors and engine compartment top are to open. The front wheels are steerable but not by steeringwheel and only to a very small degree.  The dashboard is fine detailed.

Enjoy the pictures.

01 IMG_7756.JPG

02 IMG_7762.JPG

03 IMG_7757.JPG

04 IMG_7758.JPG

05 IMG_7761.JPG

06 IMG_7759.JPG


07 IMG_7764.JPG

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You have collected a group of Gems here . I admire them all . I appreciate the sources are  posted .and an explanation of what the subject is .  The how and whys for the modifications are superlative .  There were 49 Auto Manufacturers in the World when I sold Auto Parts during the '90's . We had parts  listings for all available Makes in the US and Canada . Some South American , Mexican , but not all 49 .  Thanx .. 

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BMW Vision EfficientDynamics 2009

BMW demonstrated with this concept car all of the efforts to reducing emmissions and fuel consumption by technical innovation besides the BMW`s so typical Sherr Driving  Pleasure. The car is a good streamlined 4 seater with great doors hinged on the A pilars of car and a lot of glass around and above the cabin. The main novelty is the  BMW ActiveHybrid technology. The car could regard as the forefather of the BMW i8 Coupe 2014.

The 1:64 model is a dealer eddition no manufacturer on the base. Made very well, detailed interieur, the complicated body parts are exactly  made, autentic wheels. Nothing is to open. I couldn`t complain about the model. I could only  make up the tampoo works of blue-metalic lines which were in the deep parts of body rather  imperfect. The rear lights got a bit more gleam.

But the most funny thing – I purchesed the model at a Mercedes Dealer !

Enjoy the pictures.

01 IMG_77381.jpg

02 IMG_77351.jpg

03 IMG_77361.jpg

04 IMG_77371.jpg

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Lamborghini Centenario 2016

The Lamborghini Centenario technicaly based on the Aventador and built in a limited series. It commemorates the 100th birthday of the company's founder Ferrucio Lamborghini . The Centenario is the first car of Lamborghini with 4 wheel-steering for added maneuverability at low speed, in a city driving, and improved stability at high speed. This system was further developed in the Aventador SVJ.

The Lamborghini Centenario model is made by Jada 1:24 scale in the Transformers Line. The model is really fine, I like the darkgrey metalic color, the inside is good detailed, everyting is to open . Some things were not so fine. The engine bay is a very simple mold but there is the X-bracing. - unlike at Veneno.  The yellow trim is a rather dark yellow – nearly ocher – and the paintjob is too uneven. Somewhere too wide, at an other place too narrow and on more places were missing. (OK. I know one can not wait for a perfectly detailed model produced in great series for this price) So I had the opportunity again to further detail the model.

The yellow trims were repainted to a lighter yellow and completed overall. The rearlight bar repainted with more coats to get some „depth” for the not transparent part. The tyres got their Pirelli rings in yellow. The inside was decorated again with

simulated seams and inserts on the seats in yellow

display on dashboard and middle console

some Lamborghini logos and scripts

a grey rag under the drivers feet.

Enjoy the pictures.

01 IMG_6888.jpg

02 IMG_6891.jpg

03 IMG_75811.jpg

04 IMG_75851.jpg

05 IMG_75841.jpg

06 IMG_75831.jpg

07 IMG_75821.jpg

08 IMG_75911.jpg

09 IMG_75931.jpg

10 IMG_6897.jpg

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Porsche 914 Safari

There was never built a Safari but Porsche built 16 examples of 914/6 GT in 1970 by the racing department. One of these arrived good race results and won some championships in the 70-es and 80-es. The car was sold slightly below 1.0 million $ on an auction in 2020.

Hotwheels liveried the car with a similar decoration as this car. Other side they made great wheels, a roof rack and an open engine compartment with additional bracing, etc.

I completed the liverie and detiled engine compartment, roof rack, the head and rear lights and the interieur.

Enjoy the pictures.

01 IMG_7678.jpg

02 IMG_76921.jpg

03 IMG_7697.jpg

04 IMG_76931.jpg

05 IMG_76941.jpg

06 IMG_76961.jpg

07 IMG_76991.jpg

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Porsche 959 Paris-Dakar 1986

Porsche started again with 3 racecars in the Paris-Algiers-Dakar Rally 1986. As the cars in 1985 were not successful now they sported a more sophisticated all-wheel-drive system and a 2.8-liter twin-turbocharged flat-6 similar to the 959 road-car. The engine gave „only” 400 horsepower because of the unavailability of high-octane fuel along the desert race course. They finished the race on first, second and sixth place. It was enought for Porsche and the 959s never started again on a rally. But one of the unsuccessful 959 from 1985 was sold for nearly $6 million at auction in 2018. How much would have been for the winner Porsche 959 1986 ?

Hotwheels made a nice model of the Porsche 959 #186 in the Wild Terrain Line. It was so nice I couldn`t resist to complete the liverie. I painted some details inside, completed the red paintjob at the top of rear and the blue shields of chassis at the front and rear. I removed some logos and replaced with self made decals autentic to original #186. (this car is in the Porsche museum now.)

Enjoy the pictures.

01 IMG_7649.jpg

02 IMG_7650.jpg

03 IMG_7651.jpg

04 IMG_7647.jpg

05 IMG_76761.jpg

06 IMG_76641.jpg

07 IMG_76741.jpg

08 IMG_76751.jpg

09 IMG_76671.jpg

10 IMG_76771.jpg

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Chrysler ME 4-12 Concept 2004

Chrysler built this car as a mid-engine, four turbo, twelve cylinder concept but in fact it was a prototype which should go in production in two years with 300 car/year. The engine was a Mercedes V12 and the rest is by Chrysler. The performance was very high even better as of the Mercedes V12 cars. The project was cancelled, reportedly as an embarrassment to Mercedes.

The model is made by Maisto in 1:24. The detailing is good , doors and hood are to open. The interieur could be made by some detail paint much better. The engine compartment is the usually pressed plastic sheet but in fact not very much more is visually in 1:1.

Enjoy the picrures.

01 IMG_78541.jpg

02 IMG_78551.jpg

03 IMG_78591.jpg

04 IMG_78601.jpg

05 IMG_78581.jpg

06 IMG_78571.jpg

07 IMG_78511.jpg

08 IMG_78501.jpg

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider 1956

The Gulietta Spider is a Pininfarina design and the Serie 1 was built at Pininfarina too.  Basically the same car remained in production for almost three decades with technical and design modifications named Guilia Spider.

The model is made by Lone Star with juwel headlights, suspension, opening doors, lid and trunk in about 1:64 scale. It was rather play worn so I gave a full repaint and detailing.

Enjoy the pictures.

01 alfa romeo giulia spyder Lone Star 01.jpg

02 alfa romeo giulia spyder Lone Star 06.jpg

03 alfa romeo giulia spyder Lone Star 08.jpg

04 alfa romeo giulia spyder Lone Star 07.jpg

05 alfa romeo giulia spyder Lone Star 03.jpg

06 alfa romeo giulia spyder Lone Star 02.jpg

07 alfa romeo giulia spyder Lone Star 05.jpg

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Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa 1958

The 250 Testa Rossa (TR) prototype from 1957 was rebodied by Scaglietti and Chiti with a spectacular design for the 1958 season. The car has a cut-away nose reminiscent of a Formula 1 car. There are deep channels between nose and headlamps for take air to cool better the front brakes. The headlamps are under a streamlined plexi cover in front of the pontoon-like fenders. The lower body was recessed inwards behind the front wheels in order to vent heat from the brakes and exhaust. The cars won countless races and championships. In turn this design generated great aerodynamic drag and high speed instability. Independently of these the 250 TR-s arrive record prices on auctions this time.

The model is made by Bburago in 1:24 scale. I received the item from internet with damaged front wheels. I made new wirewheels with my own method and couldn`t resist to make some detailings too:

-          new headlamps with plastic cover

-          metal mesh for the aer intake on hood

-          new dashboard with instruments, switches and knobs

-          „leather” polstering for inside and seats

-          wiring and plumbing the engine compartment

-          oil filling pipes (?) both side of engine

-          braces in the corners of engine bay

Enjoy the pictures.

01 DSCN00831.jpg

02 DSCN00841.jpg

03 DSCN0087.jpg

04 DSCN0089.jpg

05 DSCN0091.jpg

06 DSCN0098.jpg

07 DSCN0097.jpg

08 DSCN0096.jpg

09 DSCN01001.jpg

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Ferrari 250 LM 1964

The 250 Le Mans was designed by Scaglietti and was the first mid-engined car of Ferrari.  The car looked like a racecar but was intended for a road-going GT. As Enzo Ferrari couldn`t agree with the FIA about the starting in GT category without to produce all of the 100 GT-s the car raced first in Le Mans in 1965 and won. But  the cars of different teams were not competitive with the latest factory prototypes in the following years.

The model is made by BBurago in 1:24 scale. The car has everyting to open but was blank red and I found it dull.  So I made the  Scuderia Filipinetti 1965 livery on my model. I found funny the design of the digit 2 in the number of car. The engine compartment was rather good detailed. (in these days you found such one in 1:18 scale only)  Needed only some paint.  The interieur got some paint details and decals of instuments. The headlights are scratchbuilt with the plastic cover.

Enjoy the pictures.








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