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The custom 1957 Chrysler 300B was built in 1999.  House of Kolor Candy Turquoise with ghosted flames.  If I were to build this today, I would build it with opening doors and I would have sectioned the body.  I have in the planning stages a 1959 Imperial (new box, but based on the old AMT casting without an engine.  I have another '57 that is giving up its chassis and engine for the custom Imperial which definitely will be sectioned.  ACtC-3c24JfXQ8d9TQyT0eyXXXkJQt2OV-gCwPhgACtC-3fjlWd30zigCCHFMbss8kGSnrLeaVsGDw56ACtC-3dsKQIjtg5szOlRtSUgQUvd2rNui7AuNA1VACtC-3c14pmf_BEQy1El024PzuIFHffCRFPmhuI6I just finished the 1970 Dodge Daytona.  Minor work done to it, just opened the doors.  Front seats are from a Viper (and yes, I forgot to touch-up the floor of the interior doors below the door jam.  Will fix that. Paint is Rust-Oleum 2X Gloss Seaside which is a solid Turquoise.  Topped with Tamiya clear mixed with Jacquard Pearl Ex Interference gold pigment then topped that with Tamiya Pearl clear, and then that was topped with Tamiya clear gloss.  Wheels and tires are Aoshima Enkel NT03 19' left unpainted as they came from the box. ACtC-3fXu8USlHW9G9a1SPT9S897rbjqwktcUlM7ACtC-3fvW_mYwykOQ-vDxKKH3xMCbSop-GtxCAQ3ACtC-3ekgGpnMt_6ya3Gj-UkbhPkHGiht-WHCCqaACtC-3dLVyYVLcECPCscmkkGQnPLrHNGeHn38REBACtC-3djDXW1fTSrz4_hJ9Tr9Pf96vkexeMVjgGYACtC-3eSpCJjjmObigmUKn6KZnXg_oO-vUzbHX7GACtC-3cb-UhI3TqCxKdFkQhfxCzhOrKH1s5bHsOEACtC-3fKEiGLrEt-tqaBf2QxYfzPatZsVq5Fwdli

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4 hours ago, Claude Thibodeau said:

Hi Peter!

Great models, both. Bravo! 

Do I see the roof of a Charger (or is-it 66-67 Chevelle) on the custom? Just curious...


Good eye, it is an old Charger roof added.  I never cared for the shape of the original roofline. 

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Great looking body mods on these and the paint work is super smooth also. The different colors used on the chassis and engine offer a nice contrast to the body colors. 

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