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Post your Phantom delivery or panel creations...

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Styrene allows to create unique versions of cars we would like to see around in real life. Show us what you dreamed about!

The VW-PT Cruiser mash-up is a styling exercise, and is a favorite of my wife (go figure... I wonder why?) and the Foose Caddy delivery was an attempt to go in the opposite direction as it relates to this kit: not try to "over slick" the already slick design of Mr. Foose. All in good fun. 

So, who has more?


DSC00151 (2).JPG

DSC00152 (2).JPG

DSC00155 (2).JPG

DSC00542 (2).JPG

DSC00543 (2).JPG

DSC00547 (2).JPG

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5 hours ago, Pete J. said:

A couple of hack jobs I've done.  The tamiya is a cross between an Afla 155 and a Volvo 850T.  Just did a chop top on the ford panel and turned the rims with a Shereline lathe and mill. 

DSCN0125 (1).JPG.jpg

DSCN0122 (1).JPG.jpg

DSCN0135 (4).jpg

DSCN0137 (4).jpg

DSCN0136 (4).jpg

DSCN0141 (5).jpg

Hi Pete!

The mash-up on the Alfa really looks like something that might have come from the factory. Great!


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Hi Jay!

In real life, this thing would be a serious "heavy weight". Great car. 

I have a friend who has a high-end stereo shop, and he used a 70's Caddy hearse as a "demo car" at shows and events. The thing was so heavy, he kept twisting rear ends out of shape whenever he tried to drive more than a few miles from the shop. 

Luckily for us, styrene allows us to avoid such a fate with our creations...


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Thanks to Michael and his 65/6 Chevy pickup build, I was reminded of a project I had at the age of 19. I wasn't able to finish it due to a move. It can be called a phantom as well. 

Why is it a phantom you ask? Because in 1961, from what I have been told, and researched myself, is that the panel was only produced as a 2wd. In 1960 GM went in house for 4x4 production, and while I found the pickup and Suburban mentioned being produced as a 4x4, I have yet to find any information that specifically mentions either the 1960 or 1961 panel being available as a 4x4.

Mine was a 1961 Chevrolet Panel truck sitting on a 1964 4x4 chassis with a 1965 hood and grill. It had a 327 in it, and a turbo 400. Also a set of low back bucket seats of unknown origin. Due to the divorced transfer case I could put just about any transmission in it I wanted.  Plans were to keep it silver and add mid 70's GM rally wheels. Replacing the front bumper with a different tube style that had provision for a winch, with a matching tube rear bumper with receiver hitch. At the time, keeping it simple would have given me a budget friendly build.

I dug these out of my stash and did a quick mockup. I am going to see if a boondocker blazer will give me a chassis. 

Sorry it is not a finished build(I just mocked it up today), but I could not find a build thread for panels and s sedan deliveries. 




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2 minutes ago, Phildaupho said:

This one is based on the Wagon Rod. It has been sectioned, headlights are '39 Ford, the woodie panels were filled and it has an in-line Chevy 6 with Weber side drafts.


I plan on trying my hand at the same thing, only with the '41 Plymouth. 

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Here is another which was built during the billet era a quarter century ago for the car modelling column in Street Rodder. It is based on the Speedwagon with the woodie panels and back side windows filled. It has a fully chromed Corvette C4 ZR-1 LT5 engine and Boyd wheels.IMG-0373.thumb.jpg.13d3bc7f771f3571d4f2bac575025b2d.jpg

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