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Chevrolet Trucks built in Springfield Oh

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Both the Silverado HD (topkick) and the cousin Navistar CV series are produced at the navistar plant in Springfield Ohio  For some reason  I think  the International copy looks much nicer than the Chevy version. Anywho I seen two of the CV series being driven through Van Wert Ohio, looked really nice in black! They actually were the shorter copy that Navistar makes ( more than likely going to become tow trucks.  Would be cool to see with a dually pickup bed on one though!

navistar CV.jpg

Chevy HD.jpg

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16 hours ago, lordairgtar said:

Wouldn't that be a cool model kit.


Yes it would, If Moebius still has agreements with Navistar maybe they would be a good kit for them to issue. As a Utility, tow or EMT Ambulance..

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5 hours ago, vincen47 said:

How much of it is Navistar vs GM? I’m assuming the cab and hood is GM. The chassis/drivetrain/power is Navistar?

The cab, hood, and engines are from GM. Navistar does everything else. The only engine option is the 6.6L Duramax.

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I've leased out a number of theses International CVs. For whatever reason, the Chev version isn't available in Canada, despite the fact that they are virtually identical, other than Chev badges getting swapped for International badges. The chassis itself is basically the old International TerraStar.

Decent truck, but it's minimum $20k CDN more than a Ram 5500 or Ford F550. Same class of truck.

I would love it if someone would make a kit of a modern 2 ton chassis cab. The possibilities for building on the back...awesome.

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