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Bill Lawtons CJ 428 68' Stang'


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Howdy all,,this is the Revell muscle series  2n1  kit,,I decided to do the race version.  And as always  I  do a different paint scheme than what is normally pictured on box art.  Here  I was in a  "Shelby"  N  "Shindona"   mood when I built this,,hence the blue  w/white stripes,,and the spoiler on trunk,,blacked out rear lens area. Air scoops on sides behind doors. Revell did a great job with the motor choices,,interior  and everything else,,, looks good,,but I dont understand the design of the rims with the "ribs" going all around the insides  making it near impossible to mount the tires on?  Really?    I always like the traditional 2 pc  rims  that can be put together 1/2 at a time  as I always paint my rims one way or another on most builds.  And after painting these I kept the front rims after dremmeling off  "The Ribs"  on rims for front,,and changed the back rims to traditional Rally  2 pc rims.  Used testors quikdry blue,,hand painted the rest, all in all,,I happy with the kit,,I have yet to build the Hemi Cuda Muscle series kit,,fun kits ,,and they look decent when done.   We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.  








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Thanks folks,,I forgot to mention,,I changed out the drivers seat for a race seat,,and added a headrest on the stock riders side seat as well.  And added another roll bar to front area of roll bar.   Its not quite the original version of his white one,,but its a got a few xtras,,and different paint scheme. And I should have blown out the interior before pics to get that "hair" off the shifter,,lol  And yes,,I painted seat belts on,,lol.    Cheers!



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49 minutes ago, Brutalform said:

Fantastic job on this Mustang, Scott. My favorite subject. Your build reminds me that I still have to build the Gas Ronda car yet. 

Why thnx sir,,yea I did alot of off the wall stuff to it,,Im workin on AMT's  70 camaro Z28 just now,,  I did do the Russ Davis  64 Thunderbolt Revell in red recently,,which I was going to post but Ill wait ,,I dont like to overpost.  Thanks for the comments all.

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On 3/17/2021 at 4:09 PM, skymnky721 said:

thanks vamach1,,neat pics of those,,are those from hemmings motor news mag?  Those caption boxes look familiar. 

Yes I believe the top one was and the may have been Mustang Monthly.  I went through a 40 year collection of a few thousand magazines and saved all the nice color pictures of race cars (Fords of course) and restored Mustangs.  It will help when building a specific car and perhaps give other Mustangs builder out there some ideas.  Here’s a few 69’s you do not see too often.




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Thanks so much guys,,always a fun era of cars to do.  Funny,,I was thinkin,,the $$ value of the cars from the 40's to say about 1980 or so all have  gone way up,,  I think its because they were so simple in design,,and much more unique body styles,,pretty much  rolling   "artwork" 

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