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My old & fine 1/16 scale 359

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Restoration and modification of my very first big rig model  first assembled back in 1980 when I was 12 years old.... as per the box art...  then dismantled and repainted in black... twice..   now its the final and most invasive reconstruction:

- Stock hood  modified for right air cleaner with flared fenders for the floatation tires

-Single headlight mod.

-Customized stock bumper

-Steerable  Heavy  spec front axle with super single rims and flloat tires

-Twin late model air cleaners

-Chrome vent visor

-Stock stacks cut short and finished with stainless foil

-Black painted fuel tanks with foil straps & details & mounted under cab

-Custom Battery boxes mounted under sleeper

-Single bunk walk in sleeper using cut down original

-Custom headache rack

-Mesh  platform over rear frame

--Frame has 1.5 inches inserted between rear axles for a Canadian spread appearance

-70 ton fifth wheel and supporting mods

-Upgraded  air bag rear suspension

-custom individual full rear fenders

-Black painted body with  red painted front fenders, roof cap and sleeper top for a classic scheme

-Possible conversion of the CAT 3408 to a Detrot silver 8v92 TTA677993457_FinePeterbilt3591.jpg.cc5ca37a43454ec12b9654188d761e7e.jpg and addition of a roof top AC unit... 

More to follow.. & more pics to come.. 





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Hey JimmyG

 Sounds like a proper project. Were are you getting your float tires from? I have a 3D resin printer that I can print rubber tires on, plus I have some Bridgestone L375 445/65R22.5 front floats and Bridgestone M710 285/75R22.5 drive tires model up on Cad.

  Actually I have a complete Peterbilt 359 heavy haul tractor with lift axle, based off of the 1/25 Revell Peterbilt "Cando" wrecker. So any parts you might need I might be able to print them for you. Drop me a PM and we can talk price. I modeled them on Unigraphics NX16 full size, so I can print them in any scale, as long as the part/parts fit in the printers print envelope.

 Check out my Peterbilt 359 Heavy haul tractor build and you can see what the tires and model look like.

Ron G 

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Hi Ron,  thanks for the input man,  appreciate the offer for the 3D print service.  I am looking at diving into the 3D print world this coming fall when my shop is set up. I will keep you in mind for sure.  Right now... a 1/16 scale version of a detroit  8v92 TTA  engine would  be the only consideration...  and lucrative for you maybe.... dont know what the current climate is for folks building these big kits... i  paid 70 dollars for this kit back in 81...  bought 2 more NIB kits  for cheap off a local guy.  and 200 cdn recently for an aerodyne KW kit...  

I got the floatation tires and some other bits off a damaged  NIB erlt farm toy  truck with low boy trailer  for  40 bucks US shipped.to my place here just North of Rochester NY on the Canadian side.   I was inspired by the Bill signs model I have..  to breathe new life into my old 359.  More to follow !


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These are awesome rigs built up... Even out of the box they are pretty impressive... I'm shocked you still have one you built as a kid... ALL my early stuff has long ago been smashed and/or blown up with fire crackers!! Excellent idea for the supers... I have 3 of those 1/16 toy trucks, (with the grain trailers) as well as 7 or 8 of the KW and Pete kits in 1/16... I planned on modifying the trailers and pairing them up with one of the kit trucks.... I'm inspired by you effort, here... Very nice idea...

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