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Buick Riviera restoration

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I picked up this promo already built kit that had been painted. All the paint had cracked so i stripped it off and rebuilt it.

50934989186_04e2d795ec_b.jpgDSCF9099 by aus_mus, on Flickr

51053769192_abaa6e1ee9_b.jpgDSCF9175 by aus_mus, on Flickr
51053686371_cd06896924_b.jpgDSCF9176 by aus_mus, on Flickr
51052958778_5570c11ce4_b.jpgDSCF9177 by aus_mus, on Flickr
51052959008_d1e179db28_b.jpgDSCF9179 by aus_mus, on Flickr
51053686961_dcbdd151f9_b.jpgDSCF9182 by aus_mus, on Flickr
51053770012_b5d4c8119d_b.jpgDSCF9183 by aus_mus, on Flickr
51052959438_e865bc841b_b.jpgDSCF9184 by aus_mus, on Flickr

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I agree with everyone else on your color choice. Your changes to the stance also makes it look more like the 1:1. Great save.  

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Looks nice. Good colour choice. I love these mid 60's Rivs, beautiful cars. I had a Corgi die cast of this in gold as a kid, the front and rear lights lit up when you held it up against a light source.

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