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Second Completed of 2021 - AMT 1970 1/2 Camaro (Round2)

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AMT / Round2 evergreen 1970 1/2 Camaro.  Still going strong sometime in the late 80's or so ...

Tamiya paints used throughout, although I did use Testors Dullcote for the final clear finish.  Kit decals used - although rather abused with tape and sandpaper.  Rust effects accomplished by raiding wife's hairspray.  Comments welcome. :)








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3 hours ago, Mike F. said:

Very nice and so realistic looking.

I wonder, is this paint job harder to do than one you are trying to look showroom new?

Thanks, Mike.  For me, I find the battered paint job easier.  Well, sometimes.  

In this case - Tamiya primer, followed by Tamiya Red Brown (Acrylic), with lighter and darker variations of the Tamiya Red Brown misted over the body with the airbrush.  I sealed this with Testors Dull Cote (lacquer).  This was followed by hair spray.  Once dry, I sprayed the blue over the hairspray - again Tamiya acrylics.  Added some white and misted that over the upper surfaces for faded paint.  Next, I scrubbed and dabbed at it with an old, damp paint brush.   Sealed this with Dull Cote.  Lots of Tamiya Dark Brown and Black panel liner.  Masked and painted the yellow door - dabbed at it a little with some light dirty browns.  I used the kit's stripes for the decals, but I pulled them up with wads of masking tape - feathered the edges and blended some with pastel chalks.   Windshield streaks are Testors Dull Cote lightly misted over two circles of masking tape that were laid on top of each other to mimic the wipers motion.  

What little chrome is present was striped and I used Alclad II. 

Next time, I'll add some rust holes.  Maybe even open a door and rehang it slightly off-kilter.  Maybe .... 

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