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Updated My Model Car Display Shelf


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About 35 years ago I built this shelf with my Dad. Pictures are probably up there somewhere. I've thought for years about updating it, wanting to add a mirror and a glass cover on the front to keep dust off my cars. A few months ago I decided to take the plunge and do it. I got a string of LED lights, plus the already mentioned stuff and updated it. Empty space is for my '69 R/T when I get the engine/upgrades done.


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14 minutes ago, Tom Geiger said:

Very cool! I just added shelves to my two cases. I should update the lighting as well

I got Govee lights, two 16 foot lengths on one controller, sticky back tape, $30 on Amazon. Lots of LED options out there!

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1 hour ago, Paul Payne said:

Great looking case- love the LED lighting! Looks like you enjoy building mainly high performance sports cars. As your collection grows, I assume you may be building another one?

I may consider it someday. This is a quarter of my collection, all the rest are boxed up. Having to modify this one, I found the mirrors hard to find in an acceptable size, thus, two door mirrors on their sides. The plexiglass was $60 at Home Depot. I could probably do a slightly smaller one (20 cars) for around $100.

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