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1971 Lamborghini Miura P400SV


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Hey all, here’s my 5th build of 2021: Hasegawa Lamborghini Miura 400SV. I want this to be a simple box straight build even though there are a few details such as door vents that really could use detail up PE pieces. Overall it was a great kit with perfect stance and proportions - it sucks that there’s no way to access the engine bay once it’s assembled.

Since almost every Miura produced had unique color combo, I wanted to replicate very dark blue with tri-tone (brown/tan/caramel) interior that some Miura came with - and here’s my build detail:

  • Prepped body with Tamiya grey surfacer and wet sanded with 2000 grit
  • Used mix of Tamiya acrylics (mix of red, yellow, black, tan) and masked different parts of the interior
  • Applied 2 based coats using Mr color’s C2 black and small amount of C76 metallic blue
  • Applied 2 clear coats (Mr color's super clear) with 2000 grit wets anding in between
  • Polished body with 3000 grit sponge and Tamiya three stage compounds
  • Masked the body and applied Mr Color’s aluminum for window trims and used BMF for inner door cards

Thank you for reading and enjoy! 





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4 hours ago, Kah puts said:

Outstanding , that touch of makes all the difference .

Thank you! It's not quite the right color I was going for, and next time I'll maybe try out overcoating with clear blue to achieve what I want!

3 hours ago, Steamboat said:

Beautiful! Your paint work is outstanding. 

Thank you! 

3 hours ago, Curt said:

Beautiful model!  I keep looking at it...

Hasegawa sure did the great job getting the body and stance just right!

3 hours ago, GeeBee said:

Superb build and photography, you could swear that was the real deal 

Thank you! My new macro lens really helps getting closer shot.

3 hours ago, Dann Tier said:

Perfectly STUNNING!!!!

Thank you!

2 hours ago, Slimguy said:

I agree with Dann...stunning model...

Appreciate it! 

1 hour ago, Classicgas said:

Just stunning. 

Thank you!

1 hour ago, Dragonhawk1066 said:

That's a beauty!! Very nice clean build!

It was a breeze to build one! 

1 hour ago, Grumpa said:

Beautiful build Chang! Awesome color and finsh! 

Thanks a lot!

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Great pics!!!!. Looks like you shot these outside on a “cloudy-bright” day that was ideal for illuminating shadows and avoiding hot spots/ glare. The reflected sky and beaches on the high gloss hid/roof really makes these pics pop. I also like the stepping stones you placed the car on and the out-of-focus branches in the background, very arty. As others have said, this Lambo model is pretty close to perfection but IMO it’s your photography skills that knock it out of the park! Thanks for posting!

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Stunning looking build details and the photography as well. In the late '60's the owner of San Bernardino Racing Equipment in San Bernardino Ca. bought a black Miura and would drive by where I was working at the time on his way to work. I could hear his car even when he was out of sight. He would go thru the gears and you could hear the change in the RPM at each stage until he would finally floor it. The final range of the RPM scale was more of a shrike like a Formula 1 car under full song and it could make the heir on the back of your neck stand on end even though he was a block or more down the road.  Always looked forward to hearing his morning commute.   

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