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On 3/29/2021 at 1:48 PM, jbattersby said:

One of the most unique looking Merc's I've seen in a long time, well done!

Thanx! That was exactly my intent. 


On 3/30/2021 at 7:33 AM, Grumpa said:

"Just like I invisioned it!"....Wow...some vision! Roger...If "SEMA" had a model car catagory this "Merc" would be front and center! "Killer" build...really...really cool!

I have an acquaintance that dropped a '53 Buick (with great patina) onto a wrecked 2010 Dodge Charger (ex-police car) with a Hemi. Intereior and all...almost fits like a glove. He has a ball everytime someone pulls up to a light and smiles at him...only to have their doors sucked off as he "smokes" them. This "Merc" is impressive, and your "vision" has definitley paid off!

Thanx Mark! A local shop did a '62 F-100 the same way. He drug the body out of a junkyard, cut everything out from underneath it and welded it to an '07 Lincoln Town car chassis, floorpan and firewall. He even used the Lincoln's dash and seats. I didn’t care for the dash. But, the rest of it made up for it. I tried to get him to price it. But, he had no interest.


16 hours ago, Steve H said:

Well, it certainly has the Roger Hayes look doesn’t it. I absolutely love your build style. Really enjoyed following the WIP thread on this one. Was the trim just Tamiya semi gloss black, or did you clear it? I definitely need some of that dull red, it looks awesome. Very clean build, and awesome colour combo.

Cheers, Stev3

Thanx Steve! I just built it the way I would want a full scale. There's no clear over the Satin Black. Just sprayed on straight out of the can. It has the exact sheen I wanted. I want to paint a body with it sometime.

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On 3/31/2021 at 4:06 PM, bobthehobbyguy said:

Love it. Nicely done. Restyling rather than over the top customizing. You definitely should do a stock one to put with it. Well executed.  

Thanx Bob! I didn't want to change the way it looked. I just wanted to improve the way it looked. You're the second one to suggest building a stock one. I may build one with stock proportions someday or one that's stock ish.


19 hours ago, BeakDoc said:

Stunning piece of work, Roger. That interior looks rich.

Thanx Chris! Tamiya Dull Red is a great interior color. It has the perfect sheen right out of the can for seats and door panels.

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Thanx to everyone for all of the great comments! I appreciate it! 

I thought this was pretty cool and thought I'd post the photos. I wanted to find a license plate that was black and white. It didn't matter which was which. As it turns out, in '49, Kentucky plates were white background with black letters and numbers. Talk about meant to be!



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