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1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS454

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This is my 2nd completion for 2021, although this build actually started way back in the mid/late-1990's...  I decided it was time to drag it to the finish-line.  This is the 1/25 AMT/Ertl 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS454 kit.  Back-story is my wife's best friend in high school, Gigi, (in the late-1970's), was given a used, 1:1 1969 SS396/4-speed in Pale Yellow by her parents for her 17th birthday, (wish I had parents like that).  Gigi drove her car everywhere, and my wife was her constant-companion.  After owning it for nearly a year, Gigi got good enough at driving it well that she occasionally street-raced it against the local high school boys on Friday and Saturday nights, with some success too, as my wife recalls! The local guys said "Gigi" stood for "Guts and Glory" as she displayed both when street racing.

My wife told me she really liked Gigi's '69 Chevelle and had a lot of fun in it, but her personal-favorite would've been a 1970 in Blue with a Blue interior; hence this build with my wife's nickname on the license plates.   Paintwork is old and rough, but I did add some scratchbuilt details to bring a little life to this build.  Comments always welcome!




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Great looking Chevelle and I like the back story about your wife's friend. The color matched spark plug wires were somewhat in vogue at that time. I like the little touches with the big rear deck speakers and your treatment of the chassis area. 

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