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I've only completed one 70s van. And it should probably have "free candy" painted on the sides.



In hindsight, I should build another, and do it better this time. Lots of fit issues that I just didn't have the inclination to tackle at the time.



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This is a replica of a real Shaggin Wagon from 1978, built from memory. 

That summer I delivered pizza with the owner of this van. We brush painted it between deliveries.

I posted pictures on my town’s Facebook group and people instantly identified it.


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Here's my contribution. Opened and hinged the hood and doors. Paint is Duplicolor from the can with Tamiya ts13 clear. Fujimi wheels and tires, and added the sunroof.




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I don't have pix of my first three van projects....these were partially scratchbuilt modifications of the AMT 1975 1/2 "Vantom" Econoline kit, built to a set of AMT factory blueprints for three spinoffs of the original kit tool.  These kits were marketed as the "Disco Van", "Cuckoo Nest",  and the "Hyper Hut".  I had a real good time (not) fabricating the grille and bumper unit for the Hyper Hut!  AMT commissioned me to build the prototypes for their national sales rep annual meeting, as the meeting was scheduled to take place well before the tooling for the spinoff kits was ready for production.  Other than some very poor, out of focus images I shot on top of my bed before I turned them over to the AMT product development team, sadly, I have no images of the finished models.  

The only other van I've built (at least, partially built), was this project I started sometime around 1977 or 1978, intended for the MPC National Customzing contest series.  When that series was cancelled in early 1979, the model when in the box. 

Here are a few images I took a few years ago....

DSC 0334

DSC 0338

DSC 0342

DSC 0346

DSC 0349

Some of the base parts of the body were source from the eventual production kits of the very same prototypes I had semi-scratchbuilt for AMT two years earlier....

One more comment....those of you with a a library of Model Cars mags should look up Steve Perry's 4x4 Econoline replica - it was a cover story around 2013 or 2014 if I remember correctly.  It's an awesome piece of work....TIM 

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This is a replica of an E100 that I owned in the early 90's.  It was nicknamed "the bane", because one of my good friends in NYC had problems pronouncing the V in van.  I gradually replaced the doors with junkyard parts as the originals rusted out. It had a 300 straight six and went over 300,000 miles. It was a road trip machine! 

I'm working on 3d printing some Ford dog-dish hubcaps to make it more true to the1:1.


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On 4/6/2021 at 11:24 PM, Modelbuilder Mark said:

Nadda Lotta Shaggin likely, but still might be some ash involved....sorry, pics are not that great. Completed around 10 years ago. 


nice van

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