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this was a rebuilder that had some broken parts like  a piece  of the back bumper  was stuck to the tail light panel  after the bumper had broken off 
and the grille  has peices missing under the headlights  i had to use hand sanitizer  and my finger nail to remove white letters and numbers  from the top left side of it  i had to use a couple thin peices of styrene to make new tail lights  since they were missing so were the thin plastic dividers 
i had to  add a new 440 six pack air cleaner the original was was missing  the hood stripe  is from a 70 roadrunner decal sheet  from my decal box 
the side stripes i cut  from a set of dodge demon stripes i had someone make but they got the ends wrong they were supose to come to a point     so i did not use them so i cut them were they started to get wider   and used them 
i had to add the shifter  as the original one was missing  also the rims and tires came from my rims and tires box 
i painted the body  rust-oleum 2x paint +primer high gloss yellow ginger 
and the  interior  a  rust-oleum 2x paint +primer satin khaki 












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27 minutes ago, cobraman said:

Nice clean model. One of your best I think !

thank you this is my favorite  paint job i have done   so far 

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7 minutes ago, doorsovdoon said:

Very nicely done. Great detailing on the interior, and the body colour is very striking, nice clean build.

thank you 

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1 hour ago, cobraman said:

Nice clean model. One of your best I think !

Exactly what I was going to say! Well done and model on! B)

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1 hour ago, bisc63 said:

Cool! This has a real '80s street machine feel to it, with that color, painted bumpers, and choice of wheels. Good job.

thank you  i not sure what you mean by 80's street machine maybe it is  cause i was born in   mid 94   or  maybe  cause i don't get the reference 

57 minutes ago, SpeedShift said:

Well done !


58 minutes ago, FLHCAHZ said:

Nice job. The paint work is really nice!

thank you 

1 hour ago, TransAmMike said:

I'd say your best one yet Michelle.  Very cool👌

thank you 

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