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I finished this MPC kit about three years ago.  I have rarely seen another one built.  It’s box stock except I used the 69 Shelby taillights.



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Today I am tackling the dreaded panel lines.  I am using tape to help guide me.  Since the final color will be white I am going to try and darken the panel lines before I paint the body white and see how that works.


Yesterday I fabricated the periscope rear view mirror.  Once the panel lines are done the roof top mirror will be installed and I should be ready for paint.  I am old school so am using Tamiya spray cans.  I am also a believer that this era of race cars should not have a high gloss finish.




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Posted (edited)

What a time to run out of Tamiya matt black.  Had to use a Walmart $.99 spray can.  



Dare I look.  Better let it dry some more.  This may be a 10 foot paint job I am afraid.


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The Walmart flat black doesn’t look all that bad.  I collect different brands of blacks and grays to provide contrasts on my models. 

Ive used mine on chassis and components. It has less depth than Testors or Tamiya flats but dries fast and looks good 

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I removed the masking and I am not pleased with the way it came out.  I believe I am going to strip it down and start the paint process over again except I think it is now time to get out the old Badger airbrush and try again.  It will also give me a chance to work on those pesky panel lines again.   This is not intended to be a contest model but if I can see the problems so will others.



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