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What Are Your Crown Jewels?

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8 hours ago, 89AKurt said:

I'll pick only one.  The history behind it is more interesting.  After attending a GSL show, I camped near Goblin Valley State Park, hiked through a slot canyon, saw one rock that is the perfect scale version of "slick rock", found some similar ones, packed it home, almost forgot about it.  When I found it, used up a diamond hacksaw blade cutting the rock in half.  The kit is fairly common, not a street rod, sorry.  It has won several first place awards.


Love your builds Kurt. Nice work on the diorama, awesome that you used some real stone. Ironically, I did a mountain bike trip to Moab/Slick rock about 20 years ago. I brought home an interesting coloured rock as a momento, it is still part of my landscape. Always cool when there is a back story of some sort with a build, thanks for sharing.


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Crown Jewel hmmm, I have a couple of older builds that are special but my skillset then is not what it is now. I am still nowhere near some of you master builders but my results have improved. So, I submit my first diorama, my latest big rig and my best (to date) paint job.

Personal cars 2.JPG

Fininshed 3.JPG


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I have a number of favorite builds.  Here in no particular order.ACtC-3fTzmnoh3bYzKoPzKKloQvMcRFUh000B5w7ACtC-3cbuWC-Van1VkiW712m2mC-IeSQbQTX5cuSACtC-3fVdkPmp2x25lmMBlZ3wSNOf9e5mEOh2x73ACtC-3c7O3vzQLsR-EXDMO8EqkgSWzv4OtTAkT-5ACtC-3eI4txtQB5itfVYm9q8fw5M5TFYfUcn1xQEACtC-3emIDLQNB0JQBYvuANriP-ks-QPig4of8zHACtC-3fJQ0Cn2_RE4SFGh-la9juCjyL54GO-RsUJACtC-3e-0c6O7x98hnjvxNOWsWBiaKRMRm9ZqUTTACtC-3freFywhNO5LWwkAeCDb_18KnXnVjxNfdwkACtC-3dnJ4e7TwdV4eiXQ_SZFTcBMvjAWcFsQOG9ACtC-3cXJ0h9xikpCbL0WrgmwI_bZ7AsSDLNqXXcACtC-3cCeP0IjO_bOqRRfakc_5LvbztkKzFdXiHEACtC-3fzQDR2d39QTK8qyQzWDV2aVRbrI_FTerHAACtC-3c5k8MlhxxgcSqZHibaMBdhFzWGnrF5nLLyACtC-3eWXCGyfzP0Z__P0tz1qCTFFnsy1zPZvkFwACtC-3fI0UH2NaVGecH5jmNQvUI9qqI2-hNdcBdxACtC-3f2xNi9mf0ngrqOFl6ml4x8CPeKS9e9Y2YLACtC-3fC2ANCo5CGOS5HlBjAyUmuapjkEv_36I08ACtC-3felyYzu__7dE--QUBAe-thtjxE4LlJfxAiACtC-3dWwVpo8vh793cxZNquwZwOvOEI_iomqVjGACtC-3dZGVUbBZlKZmNuA497oHOWOuBkjRUgqsIrACtC-3ei8nl-ZCyKUo6TYzgjxJ16-liUqwmpePcvACtC-3fOVBtE9B9zzKNXoKtdYI3sd3u-QlpvEEcrACtC-3cPXdnnSYuMYp_xG7gHndPXl6dodbxFCBPLACtC-3czLPfhy044J5QmuQqUQV0Zobpv_vOmqalfACtC-3eHnJ4bKTx8QSveepWqTELu4fL0CF4KZMuQACtC-3d97u-WC9XrrZ55Hof_wzxyBeyU7CLPfNJYACtC-3ccvNhX4PbsXXPy9jTtL_TbWI8qLyVNi8E-ACtC-3f2mlCQ8DLZGo14PMu5sVL9nKRMER4mearjACtC-3dM9qUsKdi-aMCqYklbuU9FBf-8vXuQr5bCACtC-3dhv-O6B2GuyZQL995YHmrtgE5nik5D0OZ-This car has a remote control sunroof that opens and closesACtC-3dvB9ydLa6ssIS4MjQtKQZRgIFpZuTeg3TLACtC-3dhUKEKDFmXSIlw0JyiZmyqaLYIMryoUklAThe rear section of this one opens and closed by remote controlACtC-3erPQT7MLKvXPUhA_D4In9YaFv4TdQnXMHjACtC-3eSY82I3gxJPS7VbA99xVZzfhM2fNPbFr4KACtC-3eV4C_SpgSxE43psLEc-Ariv5kC1KL4PcIJACtC-3cLzsUj8ZfASbNmNhnnb7Z8Mahs0QBKpNIMACtC-3dGu9oEhc0-lAdVIX9Uj_Hxk1xIegdJAHLQ

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Peter...there are no words to describe your level of talent, imagination, creativity, craftsmanship, etc., etc. All I can add is "OMG"!

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I guess my "crown jewel" would have to be the Cunningham C4 I carved for Paul Fisher.  Unfortunately the master was destroyed in the California wild fires.


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Have to show #2 choice, the only street rod (with an engine) ever built, done in the early 1990s.  Got an award for Paintjob Most Likely to Cause Globull Warming, and some other awards.


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My House of Kolor Candy Pagan Gold 1/8 scale Big Deuce. The tires on this build are from my dad's original issue kit that he built as a kid in the early 60's. 





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Some outrageous and exceptional models here... my real crown jewels are still witing to be built (some Fisher resin race cars etc.) - from my about 100 American cars I sold off more than 70 in the last year and only kept a few that are rare or that I like very much: here are 3 of them:

1. JoHan Chrysler Turbine car

2. amt 1961 T-Bird (original) - got this one from a pen-pal in the U.S. in 1985 as a built-up, unpainted glue-bomb - spraypainted and reassembled again - I will restore this one day using some parts of amt's 62 T-Bird (original wheels       and tires are still there!

3. JoHan 1968 Imperial promo (green) -from the same guy as above - painted it in white and mint green - interior mostly untouched (could bring a lot of money today if I had it left in original condition!)




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Heres my crown jewells

1, vw hebmuller resin trans kit

2, belkits mk1 escort

3, aoshima datsun cedric lowrider







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