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"Mix and mismatch" with an odly familiar outcome of which I yet can't tell what it is...

I think I'm gonna try to 'think like Michael' to find this one.

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This suburban was made by Chevrolet do Brazil from 1964 - 1988  and it was called Chevrolet Veraneio or C-1416.  The Veraneio used the instrument cluster from the US C/K series although the exterior sheet metal layout is exclusive to Brazil. It was initially powered with a Chevrolet 4.2 L inline-six based on the pre-1962 "Stovebolt" engines. Later it used the 250-CID 4.1 L engine from Chevrolet's Brazilian mid-size sedan – the Chevrolet Opala.  The main difference of the different model years was the grill. It uses the dah cluster of the C The car that I was asking for was dated as a 1967 some other sources says 1965 or 1970. The internet is very confusiing about the model year of this car. 


The correct answer were sent in by:



Richard Bartrop






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