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hi everyone !😄

this is my hasegawa 1/24  mazda cosmo sport,I build it almost out of box, an old kit but very nice!!

hope you guys like it!!🙂






































here is the video build if you are interested..🙂



thank you for watching! have a nice day!!😊😊

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16 hours ago, cobraman said:

Great model of a quirky looking car.


15 hours ago, Roger U said:

Very nice, clean build of the model. Quite realistic looking.


15 hours ago, Hi-Po said:

Beautifully done!  Nice and clean.


8 hours ago, Bainford said:

Ah yes, I like it very much. A lovely, clean build of an interesting car. Very cool!


5 hours ago, kruleworld said:

top notch build


6 minutes ago, Matt Bacon said:

A lovely build of a real classic car. Beautifully finished and detailed.




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19 hours ago, PappyD340 said:

Beautifully done!


19 hours ago, baycolony said:

Yes, everything they said!.......👆


19 hours ago, TonyK said:

I agree with everyone's comments.

Saw one of these at an outdoor car show one time. Only time I've seen one.


18 hours ago, Nacho Z said:

This is just fantastic!!  You just don’t see these models built.  Yours is very cleanly built and those panel lines!  Wow!


18 hours ago, Steamboat said:

Absolutely superb.  You would think that the photos are of a 1:1 car.


17 hours ago, Classicgas said:

Wow, that is simply stellar.


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19 hours ago, bbowser said:

That's gorgeous, and great photos!  Don't often see these built, I've never seen one in person.  Were they imported to US?

thank you, the MAZDA COSMO SPOT were imported to US about 1967-1668,I think there are only few of them are survival,

this is the first sport car made by MAZDA,I don't know about the car much,but really like the shape of this little car...🙂 

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16 minutes ago, Dann Tier said:

Its pretty darn perfect! -love it!!!....some flat black paint in the exhaust tips would finish it right off!

YES!you found it!! I notice that when I take picture of this car, I totally forget to deal with the exhaust... so I drill out the exhaust like this..



and it is much better!!😄 thank you for your comment!🙂have a nice day!!!😊

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This is such a good build of a Cosmo. I have the exact same kit on my shop's shelf and it keeps telling me it needs to move to my personal shelf. Seeing how well you turned it out just encourages me more. 

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