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Bugatti T50 with a difference!

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Given the magnitude of this car, rodding it would never happen in real life but that's the beauty of playing 'what if' in styrene.

I channeled the front of the body, turned the boot/trunk upside down as it fitted better that way, (LOL) fitted the big wheels, shortened the radiator/grille, added the radiator/grille stays and scratched the steering drop arm, as the  kit parts were rubbish and gave it a pair of 'modern' rear lights.  I also brought the exhaust out of the side, by utilising the 'over the axle' pipe.

All four wheels DO sit on the deck. It's the photo base that's warped. LOL








I also gave it a 'custom' interior with seats from the parts box. Don't ask what they are from 'cos I have NO idea. 



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That is very cool. I can see some current custom car builder doing something like this with a fiberglass copy of a Buggati type 57 body. Why not? There must be at least 50K fiberglass Cobras out there besides the original <1K “real ones” that were manufactured. Maybe one could even “dress up” an old Pontiac or Buick straight 8 for a Bugatti Rod like this.

I did find one design exercise similar idea to your build:


Nice job! Thanks for sharing!

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