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She's finaly finished after thirteen and a half months on and off the bench.

It's a Revival kit that in all honesty, is not for the faint of heart or a novice but does reward care and attention. An example is that it took five hours to de-warp and assemble the chassis alone.

As I wanted to do the six wheelhill climb car of Ruote Gemellat, I e-mailed Revival for two extra wheels and six tyres from the metal version of the kit. They very kindly supplied these and at a very reasonable cost. So my thanks go to them.

I added various details to the model which you can see in the photos and all of the control rods were replaced with piano wire for better scale.The kit aeroscreen was way too thick, so I made a new one from clear acetate.










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You are quite right when you say Revival kits are not for the feint of heart.  I have done most of their line (except this one)  and can attest to that. This is a very nice build and you have done a great job. 

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Complete with the notorious twin driveshafts! Simonaitis, an authority, says "Several benefits were claimed for this oddity of drive. The relocated differential, a heavy component, contributed very little to unsprung weight; this, to the benefit of handling on rough roads. The driver’s seat could be nestled between the vee, thus enhancing a low centre of gravity. And rear axle weight was reduced by swapping the differential for the twin bevel sets and short half-shafts to the wheels."

Lovely car, beautiful model. 

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