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AMT 1932 Ford Coupe "Snake Eyes"


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I was looking for something quick and easy so I grabbed this out of my stash , mainly because I love the Box Art !   Fourteen days start to finish which is great for me since I only get an hour or so at my bench every day .
It's built right out of the box except for lowering the front and adding a distributor and coil . The chassis is just one piece with only a front axle and wishbone being separate parts , so I did a little creative painting to pick out some of the details . The only issues I found with the kit are the fit of the windshield frame and the taillights seem way too big to my eyes . . . I almost left them off .

"Snake Eyes" is painted Tamiya Metallic Red topped with Clear Red to tone down the metallic . I finished it off with a 1966 Florida plate , which is the year this kit was released .












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12 hours ago, bisc63 said:

How can you have a collection of model cars and not have at least one red '32 hot rod? This is just a beautiful standard for classic hot rods! Very clean and tasteful build, love it!

Thanks Rusty !  Actually this is the one and only '32 on my shelf .

11 hours ago, larman said:

Great job! Nice job on capturing the box art! That one is pretty hard to find and $$$ when it shows up on ebay.

Thanks Larry !  I bought several of the early AMT kits many years ago just for the box art and never built any of them , maybe I'll build a couple more .

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On 4/19/2021 at 6:27 AM, oldnslow said:

Nice job Bob , love the old box art builds .


23 hours ago, Hmann68 said:

Very neat! Sometimes a quick simple build is the best for relaxing and enjoying! Looks great 👍


18 hours ago, Sixties Sam said:

Classic hot rod! Nice!

Thanks very much guys !

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15 hours ago, mr moto said:

Super nice job! Shows what can be done with a very basic kit.

Thanks !

13 hours ago, Modelbuilder Mark said:

Very cool. Looks like a fun project with great results. I need to do more of those if I have any hopes of getting through more of my stash. 😁

Thanks and same here !

12 hours ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

Probably the best build of that particular kit I've ever seen.

You (and a few others on here over the years) have definitely inspired me to do a few simple box-art jobs.

Thanks very much Bill !

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