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The current Otto Ray Sing Classic Car Center

Kodiak Island Modeler

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Welcome to the current Otto Ray Sing Classic Car Center.



After rather humble beginnings, and now under new ownership, the business has expanded and become even more efficient.






The garage area is much larger than the previous versions, and results in more efficient repairs, as well as increased customer satisfaction.






The show room is large enough to display three cars.  It follows the mid-century modern theme and allows customers to view their dream cars at all times..


The dealership is inviting and always stocked with beautiful cars to please any taste.


Actually, there is one detriment.  In front of the garage is a cement walkway, that has so far, resisted all attempts to remove it.  These two workers will attest that it is much easier to stand around and look at it, than it is to perform the exercise in futility of trying to remove it.


Management had a sense of humor when they put up the restroom signs.


The entryway to the showroom was also well thought out to draw customers eyes to the vehicles found within.  A classic car is always in view while approaching the building.


This is what I call a 'photographic diorama', as the purpose is for it to be able to have scenery, vehicles, & figures changed to suit the needs of the vehicle being photographed.   I will be adding a history to this as well as introducing figures, etc, if there is interest.




showroom from above.jpg

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