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This is the AMT/ERTYL '61 Ford Ranchero that I modified the rear wheel arches to match the front fenders. I replaced the kit's Chev engine with the Ford 5.0L from the Revell/Monogram Dan Fink Speedwagon. The wheel/tire combo and bucket seats come from the AMT/ERTYL '36 Ford coupe issued in the '90's. New door panels are from the parts box. Paint is Model Master #2907 Sable Brown Metallic.


































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I like the engine switch, much more believable. The rear wheel well openings match the front well .  

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15 minutes ago, junkyardjeff said:

I am suprised that kit did not come with a six.

The kit was originally a curbside with fixed hood. It was modified in late 1960s, with the Chevy V8 from the 66 Chevy annual kit, no doubt because the tool insert was available and back then the audience was kids who either didn’t know any different or at least didn’t complain. Back then a nicely tooled six wouldn’t have been well received since everyone wanted a big engine.

On the last update by Round 2 when they changed out the grille, I was told an engine tool wasn’t in the budget.

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