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Most likely, the Blimp was the one that was still running at the finish. 😎

Very familiar location to me. I grew up going to Riverside Raceway from the late 1950s to the late 80s. As much as 25 weekends/year. My parents met at a sports car race in the early 50s and were involved through the mid 70s when we switched to off road racing. I continued to work on road race cars long after that. By the early 70s, I supplanted working as a Tech Inspector (for the sports car races that were support events for the  NASCAR main event) by working as a flagman at the various corners of the track during the NASCAR race. We rotated every so often as the race went on so as to not get bored and unmindful of what's happening on the track So I worked all of the corners on the track.

That picture there shows the Buick exiting Turn 8 and starting down the back straight. Very unusual place to take pictures from. Not a good view of the track as it's lower than the track surface. But the outside of the track was for spectators with an embankment that was against the side of the track, so a photog had no place to take pics from in that area. Further north on the little knoll inside the loop of Turn 8 was much more popular to photographers.

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Thanks for the memories. In '69 and part of '70 I worked for Union Oil Company at the Colton Distribution Center  in near by Colton Ca. and one of my duties was to work some of the race weekends at Riverside Raceway. After the teams would load up their gas cans we could get on top of the Union Oil tanker truck and see sections of the track during a race. The most enjoyable part for myself was during the practice sessions days before the NASCAR races. Union Oil had a mock service station where we would give the teams their gas and we were at the end of the garage area. We would take turns wondering thru the garages, and had to makes sure we didn't get in their way, and see the race cars up close. 

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