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I have decided to give this kit another shot, I swear it’s like Eleanor was to Randal Rains in gone in 60 seconds, for me. I’ve attempted to build this model half a dozen times before but it always has a fatal flaw either the body won’t fit the chassis, the frames are warped, the suspension is to far forward in the front and to far back in the rear, the hood is at least an 8th inch away from the bumper, there’s always a ton of flash, needless to say I have a good amount of these things in my parts bin. But on a positive note I have managed to piece together the very best parts to have a good starting point, just took the better part of 5 or so kits to get here, also the gts wheels and brakes go pretty good on resto mods, but with all that said the best frame I could scrape up is still a bit warped, crossing my fingers that this can get finished this time after 15 years of attempts.








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Nice to se one getting built! It’s a real pitty that both the AMT and the Revell kit is hard to build and need a lot of attention to be built and represent the 1:1. 
I will be following! Keep it up! 

Edit: dug my Revell out.. chassi is not to bad bent and sow on at least

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Wait!  That kit might be more accurate than you think.  😲 

Apparently, there is a known-issue with the hood-to-bumper alignment on the 1:1s.  I was talking with a new Viper owner a few weeks back at a Cars & Coffee gathering, and he said the hood lines up fine, but the bumper lining up to it has all sorts of issues he's been struggling with since he bought the car.  His is a yellow RT/10, BTW.  I'm more a fan of the coupes, myself - they remind me of the '63 Ferrari 250 GTOs (one of the most beautiful cars EVER).

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19 hours ago, carl63_99 said:


Built back in 1997, took a bit of work to get the hood/nose right. But made a really nice looking model.

That’s a really good looking car, I like that color, I’m torn between viper steel grey, and   2002’s dark sapphire, I do know I want to do a brown interior

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Ok, so I have decided to build two vipers simultaneously. I have a GTS coupe and RT/10 roadster, I figured if I’m gonna go through the steps of building one why not do two at a time. They are basically the same car other than the roof, I have started assembling the frames and getting them straight, the RT/10 came molded in yellow, not sure how that affects the plastic but it is a bit more ridged than the grey plastic, so not as many warped parts on that one. Both cars have some very heavy mold lines, now that the frames are glued together I’m going to clean up the joints and mold lines hopefully sneak a couple coats of paint on them today.








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1 hour ago, Paul Payne said:

Here’s a tip- swap out the AMT wheels and tires for the Revell ones- proper wheel diameter and better tires.

I was just looking at that, and revell has better brakes, I have a set of revell gts and rt/10 wheels, but my revell rt/10 is a complete car, how ever the gts is not, so I might swap those onto the rt/10. I also have a set of 2009 ZR1 wheels from revell that would look good on the gts.




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3 hours ago, Paul Payne said:

Here’s a tip- swap out the AMT wheels and tires for the Revell ones- proper wheel diameter and better tires.

Neither kit has a really good set of wheels/tires.  Revell tires are better, but the rear wheels don't have deeper offset (they look identical to the fronts).  AMT has better wheels, but the tires have the wrong profile (the sidewalls are too tall).

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I usually think of shocks and struts as an after thought, however as detailed as this suspension is in this kit I decided to try and upgrade the struts a little. I start by painting them flat aluminum, then drill a small hole at the top of the coil, then thread some small gauge wire through the hole and tightly wind the wire down the coils. Then cut the top of the wire and slowly unscrew it off the strut. Sand the original coils off and paint the inside black, then slide the wire coil back over it and glue it in place. It’s not crazy detailed like making them from scratch with styrene rod, I’ve done that before too, but I feel this is simple and looks good, plus I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who’s gonna look that close lol, but I know their there😏







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