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When it comes to Cold War interceptors, the Mig-25 and F-106 are probably two of the most famous. Terribly fast and pointy, these erstwhile bomber-killers exemplified all that was high-tech and paranoid at the same time. Sadly, they weren’t much good for much else, although the MiG had a more diverse portfolio by far.

There were other, lesser-known and less adaptable aircraft though, that also stood ready to defend their homelands. One good example is the Sukhoi Su-15 Flagon family. These twin-engined, polished metal lawn darts plied their trade for a surprisingly long time, and are best known for shooting down airliners. To make sure that Soviet pilots could handle the rather “hot” Flagon, there was a two-seater conversion trainer, the final version, the Su-15UM, even being able to fire weapons.

Of course, I love the weird subjects,  and weird kits of them are even better… well, kinda. To that end, I’ve been beating on the old Pioneer 2 “Flagon G”. Now, it’s done. I’m not going to say it was easy, and the model is barely correct in so many ways that you could ask “Why build it?” My answer, of course, is because almost no one else will! So, check out this beast, and remember: I did it so you don’t have to!




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You sure know how to get the best out of these old turkey kits.  I tried a short-run Russian kit once that only had about 6 parts and gave up on it.  It's somewhere on the Shelf Of Shame now...

On Russian jets in general...my job took me to many aerospace trade shows back in the 1990's.  Though unfortunately never Farnborough or Paris.

At the big AFA (Air Force Association) show in Washington DC once, a fellow lurched up to our booth.  He had obviously been hitting the bars in the hospitality suites pretty hard.

His nametag identified him as a Defense Attache from the Russian Embassy.  Another name for Defense Attache is pretty much "spy," and those guys love trade shows.  They can collect information without unpleasantness like going to prison. 

This guy launched into a rant about the superiority of Russian weapons in general, and the MIG-29 in particular.  He even said the U.S. should be "afraid" of it.

One of our guys mentioned that the Serbian Air Force had MIG-29's, all of which had just been destroyed by NATO aircraft.

That really annoyed our guest, who sputtered:  "Those were export models, not real MIG-29's.  Bad aircraft.  With VERY BAD PILOTS!" 🤣

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