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1/16 "she's real fine my 359" big Pete

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Hey guys 

  I kinda started on this, Monograms 1/16 Peterbilt 359 119" bbc with 63" flat top sleeper. I ordered some custom 3D printed Peterbilt oval hole wheels. I'd like to find some front floats and some more aggressive rear rubber.

 Things I'm planning on doing to this rig:

1) already did the front steering.

2) custom made Cummins NTC-400 big cam with the kit transmission.

3) 8" (1/2" actual size) custom made stacks.

4) opening doors on the cab and sleeper.

5) detailed cab and sleeper interior.

6) 3D printed chrome air cleaners.

7) custom drop visor and Texas bumper.

8) full air, fuel, oil and electric lines.

9) ????


20210601_171536.jpgthis is the kit I'm using, got it off of Ebay.

359-conventional_a_web.jpgthis is the paint scheme I'm shooting for.

20210601_172526.jpgthis is my drawing of the Cummins NTC-400 and the start I made on the block.

20210601_172459.jpgthis view shows the 1/16 block on the left and the 1/24 Italeri block I'm using to scale up on the right.

20210601_172440.jpgthe other side of the blocks.

20210601_172422.jpgtop view of the blocks.

20210601_172406.jpgthis view shows the start I made on making the front axle steerable.

20210601_172349.jpgthis view shows it turned to the left.

20210601_172159.jpgthis view shows it turned to the right.


View of the front axle from the rear. Well that's it for now be back with more updates soon.

Ron G 

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Thanks guys 

  I have done some more work on the Pete. I purchased a 3D printed Cummins NTA855 big cam from a guy, Chucky's precision pullers & parts, I believe he is in Iowa. 

  The engine is pretty nicely detailed, but it was missing some of the real engines components. So, I had to make them from scratch. They weren't really hard to make, just time consuming. I have the frame, cab, hood and sleeper assembled.

20210613_133924.jpgthis view shows the tractor temporarily assembled for pictures.

20210613_134033.jpgthis view shows the engine sitting in the frame and the front floats that are from a 1/16 Ertl dump truck.

20210613_134743.jpgleft side view of the Cummins NTA855 with the kits transmission installed.

20210613_134721.jpgright side view of engine showing the oil filters. I added the rear filter (it only comes with one) and the water removale filter (the small black one) the fan is from the kit.

20210613_134659.jpgtop view of the engine.

20210613_134639.jpgbottom view of the engine. I had to modify the oil pan ( it comes with one for a farm tracter)

20210613_134923.jpgfront view showing the kit fan.

20210613_135031.jpgrear view of engine.

  I added some more components to the engine and painted it with custom blended Cummins beige Tamiya paint.

20210614_175112.jpgthis view shows the 1/16 scale Cummins NTA855 big cam on the left and the 1/24 scale Italeri Cummins NTC-400 on the right.

20210614_175504.jpgthis view shows the fuel filter that I added plus the fuel and air lines. You can also see the water crossover pipe at the upper left, also I made a power steering fluid reservoir from scratch.

20210614_175445.jpgthis view shows the small filter at the rear of the engine. I modified the oil dip stick tube, moved it forward to clear the exhaust down pipe. Between the exhaust manifold and the three heads I added from scratch a water manifold and lower pipe that connects to the radiator. I based this off of the 1/24 Italeri Cummins. Also I added the turbo oil lines.

20210614_175417.jpgthis view shows the crossover pipe to the water manifold.

20210614_175348.jpgthis view shows the fan, I still need to add the fan clutch and paint it yellow/white.

20210614_175613.jpgthis view shows the tee fitting I made from scratch to connect the fuel lines.

20210614_175733.jpgthis view shows the engine sitting in the frame. Well that's it for now be back with more updates soon.

Ron G 

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Thanks guys 

  Small update, got some parts for the big Pete from Ebay and Shapeways.

20210618_184934.jpg3D printed swan hood ornament. This was described as being 1/24 scale, but it sure looks right for 1/16th.

20210618_184914.jpg3D printed fire extinguisher for cab.

20210618_184832.jpg3D printed Grammer air ride seats.

20210618_184851.jpgside view of the seat.

20210618_184614.jpg3D printed oval slot Peterbilt rear rims.

20210618_184553.jpgfront 3D printed Peterbilt rims with moon caps.

Ron G 

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WOW!!! I like this project... Very nice... I may have to get onto one of these, myself... I LOVE those 3D printed seats!!! Those look awesome!!! I'd love to get my hands on a set of those, for sure... Man, this looks good with those wheels, too... And great job on that engine... Excellent...

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3 hours ago, gotnitro? said:

Those upgrades really wake up this build ! Then add your touch for the smaller details really add realism . Are ya planning to weather the engine as a driver or plan more of a show truck theme 

Hey Nitro 

 She's going to be a work truck, not much chrome more polished aluminum, and yes it will be weathered properly...lol here's a picture of what I want to do.


Ron G 

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2 hours ago, Jim B said:

Some great additions to your kit.  Those seats & wheels are awesome.  Did you ever find any tires?

Hey Jim

 I found front floats, but I think I'm going to save them for a future Kenworth heavy haul Tri-drive tractor. I couldn't find any rears. I have some modeled up on Unigraphics NX16, but my printer took a dump😪 so have to figure out how I want to proceed from here.

Ron G 

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2 minutes ago, Jim B said:

That green on green is pretty slick.

Thanks, it will be Tamiya x-5 & x-15 gloss. I'm not sure what I want to do for the interior colors, I'm kinda leaning toward tans, I think it will look good with the greens.

Ron G 

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Hey guys 

  Here are some more pictures for yous to look at.

20210623_175935.jpgthis view shows the 3D printed air cleaners.

20210623_180129.jpganother view of the air cleaners.

20210623_180307.jpgthis view shows the engine, I modified the turbo intake and exhaust manifold and custom made air intake rubber elbows to look more like a big cam set up.

20210623_180242.jpgthis view shows the fan belts that I made from 1.5mm diameter rubber tubing.

20210623_180728.jpgthis view shows the wires from the starter to the alternator l.

20210623_180708.jpgthis view shows the wires from the alternator to the starter.

20210623_180810.jpgthis view shows Mr. Bruder working on the engine...lol. well that's it for now be back soon with more.

Ron G 

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Hey guys 

  I've been working on the big Pete. I've started on plumbing the brakes and the air bags, I also added the missing panard/sway bars and brackets to tge rear axles.

20210625_174227.jpgthis view shows the scratch  built front quick release valve for the front brakes, also you can see the passenger front brake line.

20210625_174325.jpgthis view shows the front drive side brake line. These are braided stainless steel lines.

20210625_174828.jpgthis view shows the scratch built front rear wheel lock control modulator valve. You can also see the scratch built front rear axle panard bar.

20210625_175148.jpgthis view shows the scratch built rear wheel lock control modulator valve and rear panard bar.

20210625_175122.jpganother view of the rear panard bar setup.

20210625_175101.jpgthis view shows the scratch built combination quick release/double check valve and front axle panard bar setup.

20210625_175036.jpgthis view shows both of the panard bars. All of the valves are for the air brake system and need to be plumbed.

20210625_174252.jpgthis view shows the shift control lines and valves that I added to the transmission.

20210625_174347.jpgthis view shows the transmission lines and you can just see the start I made on the power steering lines I added to the power steering reservoir (I need to paint it black)

20210625_173630.jpgthis view shows the 3D printed air cleaners temporarily mounted. I had to shorten them 3 scale inches, they were 36" long and should have been 33" long.

20210625_173711.jpgthis view shows the cut out to the sleeper (this is closed up in the kit).  You can also see the air cleaners.

20210625_173809.jpgview from the top showing the air cleaners. Well that's it for now be back with more updates soon.

Ron G 

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