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Wound up with a 1/16 57 T Bird today

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So I happened into Hobby Lobby today after meeting my daughter and husband for breakfast. I've been playing with decanted enamels again and came up with this great light turquoise and thinking how appropriate for a 50's car. So there it was at HL an AMT 1/16 57 T Bird. Then I glanced up and saw the sign 40% off all model kits through June 5th no coupon required. So I got the1/16 57 for $25. I've got models on the bench and more waiting but didn't care at that price. I almost bought an airplane too but held back.

When I got home I checked out paint charts for the T Bird and all I need to do is lighten my decanted paint a little with some white and it will be dead on. It wouldn't even be bad as is.

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48 minutes ago, cobraman said:

How was/is the windshield frame ?

 The 57 windshield is braced, and it was perfect. I wasn't even going to open the kit right away but I had to see that. And the braces are reasonably substantial,two up from the lower frame area and a center one spanning back to the rear of the cockpit. Also the WS frame and body are not warped.  The body in the box sits lower than the Chrome parts tree next to it as well. With the 55 Bird the body is nearly up top of the heap of plastic.

It's typical AMT with molded in seat and molded in parts of the chassis to bottom but at least has separate suspension. The pleating on the seat looks decent. Mostly I want top view and 312 engine to dominate anyway. The X portion of the frame and exhaust too are glue ins, the chassis actually is better than I anticipated though. I might build it top on even, not sure yet. The hubcap detail is very good, grill quite good. I'm gonna enjoy this, it's very difficult not to start on it now that I've seen it but I just have too much at the bench to clear up.

They should retool the 55 and package it better then re introduce that, I'd buy one. They should do 1/16 50's era full size Ford too. All we see in 50's these days for 1/16 is Chevy and few of those. The 55 Chevy convertible is on my list too.

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5 hours ago, cobraman said:

So you were the one that got a kit with a good windshield frame !  Good to know.

I'm wondering if that's a new bit of mold to add in those braces. The frame is supported pretty well. Course now I get to cut those away without breaking the frame lol ! I know the 55 had no such bracing, it was just hanging out there in the open to get busted. I assume this 57 is new production not old stock. Maybe there is hope for others.

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Just now, 64Comet404 said:

I don't recall that bracing installed on my '55 or '57 T-Birds; just a number of disjointed pieces of broken styrene... 

Maybe AMT smartened up ! I've seen the videos with them broken but I don't recall seeing any bracing either. I was pleasantly surprised to open my 57's box and see both the bracing and that frame in tact.


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This should be encouraging news for anyone who has hesitated buying one of these assuming their windshield frame would be in pieces.

I won't be starting the kit just yet, If I do I'll never finish my 1/16 31 roadster project that has it's own issue I'm working on. But I do think I will do a wash on that 57 grill so I can see the real effect of it with that background chrome blackened out. That will be my little first step made into this kit. Course once I get there I will see the valve covers hubcaps need treating etc. I'm sure.

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