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Painting over chrome parts

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I was hoping to coat the centers of these wheels with a light coat of this laquer based candy purple to get an almost anodized look, and still retain the “cast” texture. However, the paint adhered nicely in some spots and “wicked away” in others. So I’ve done three lighter coats to get an even coverage, but have lost the cast look. Anyone have any tips for paint over chrome? Is there any such thing as a clear primer?


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I can't attest to how it will react with either your chrome or the top coat, all you can do is try...


Kleen-strip Bulldog adhesion promoter is clear and helps automotive paint stick to just about anything.

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Maybe try washing the chrome parts with Windex first, then rinse with warm water... Dry the parts off with a blow gun and then coat them with Future... Let that dry for a couple of days and then use what ever color you want for the spokes....

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