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Another Dyno Don Maverick—A Simpler, Easier One

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I've been getting interested in building some of the cars of Jenkins, Sox, Landy, and Dyno Don between about 1965 and 1970, telling the story The Rise and Fall of FX and Super Stock and the Birth of Pro Stock. I've got the stuff to do DD's '65 Cyclone, Eliminator II, the '68 Mustang SS he ran (once) in '68, and have been trying to pick up a restorable builtup JoHan Pro Stock Maverick. Have been watching them over a year and they always go for more than I want to pay.

So I decided to try to piece one together on my own. Last fall I scored a “distressed” promo with one missing A-pillar and very worn chrome for a reasonable price. Started looking for the PS hood and couldn't find one. My old swap buddy Khils came through with the proper scoop itself—good enough, I can work with that. Was gonna work with the stock interior but last month scored a complete PS interior on the Bay for a reasonable price, so saved a lot of work there.

I figgered I'd go ahead and build it curbside, and maybe worry about an engine later, so next step was to find proper wheels and tires. And then last week good ol' Khils emails me again asking if I can lend him a stock Maverick interior so he can copy the side panels. Since I now have a full race interior, I told him he could just have the whole stock gut out of the promo. Apparently he's got a project going the other way—trying to make a stocker or stock-ish Maverick out of a PS glue bomb. So I ask him if he'd like to have the stock chassis, wheels, and tires too, and does he have any of the other PS parts. Turns out he has the complete PS chassis, wheels, tires, and engine and would be delighted to swap them to me for the promo rolling chassis. A swap make in Heaven!

So now it looks like I've got everything I need to start the build. The plan is to build DD's first Maverick as it appeared very late in its life, at the beginning of the '71 season, in the overall red paint job. I have the Slixx decals. Looks like my next job will be to cut the hood out of the promo body, and then repair the missing A-pillar. No, this won't be anywhere near as good or as detailed as Mustang89's recent superb effort, but it will fill a slot on the shelf.



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If not for the broken A-pillar, the Maverick promo would have been a good candidate for full restoration to as-issued, that's how nice it was. (OTOH, if the A-pillar hadn't been broken, it would have probably sold for two or three times as much and I wouldn't have been able to afford it.) I didn't realize until I'd disassembled it and shipped the chassis and interior to Khils that I forget to take a picture of it "as received." Oh well. 

Well, it should live on in glory if everything goes according to plan. B)

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3 hours ago, Snake45 said:

 I didn't realize until I'd disassembled it and shipped the chassis and interior to Khils that I forget to take a picture of it "as received."     B)

Here ya go!       Maybe just photoshop it in.......😆


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