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I'm done, but not happy.  As I went to apply the decals to the hood (I had the cab/sleeper done already) I found the mistake.....the Revell KW has a long hood, the prototype DWA Trucking KW has a shorter nose.  No going back without a complete re-build which I think would take more time than starting over.  I chose the Revell KW because it had battery boxes on each side and the bumper was closer.  I'll be doing an AMT KW, already have most of the parts on order.  Anyway, my experiment to get the silver-blue stripes is as close as I can get.  The decals aren't a true silver.  The air cleaner cans came out perfect, but those were base coated with silver paint and top coated with the same blue tint clear as over the decals.  I don't think I'm up to masking and shooting the stripes, this paint isn't very good at sticking to the model, it sticks better to the tape, even the low tack stuff.  Anyway, I used a sleeper from the AMT kit and if it had a short hood, I'd be satisfied.  The first shot is the real one.




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I think it's very well done & I really like it.  Is it an exact copy of the original? No, but it's pretty darn close.  baby Moons look good! 😁

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I think it looks nice even tho' it's not an exact replica due to the hood length.

Yes the Revell AG kit has the 74 inch long hood but the AMT kit wich has the shorter 63 inch hood wouldn't have been right either as it has the older pre 1972 cab with wrong door handles and larger ventilation windows, the bumper and battery box would also be wrong.
The Revell snap W900 Aerodyne has the 1972 forward cab, shorter 63 inch hood, right bumper and battery boxes but wrong sleeper wich is also molded with the cab.
So the thing you could have done was to use the shorter hood from either the AMT or Revell Snap kit or cut down the Revell AG hood to the right length, the difference is 11 inches at the centerline of the hood so you have to remove 11 scale inches, and move the cab slightly forward on the chassis to meet up with the hood...pretty much the same thing you have to do to do the Movin' On truck.

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It looks fantastic!

You built a great representation, I don't think many people would notice the decal issue if you didn't mention it.

David G.

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