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1959 Plymouth Suburban Wagon


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Never intended to be a show winner, I'm happy with the end result of this family car although there are many things that could be better.  Two of the things I would've like to have done was to redo the windows to better replicate the 59 and add "Plymouth Suburban" scripting on the rear fenders.  I really couldn't figure out a way to add the scripting and decided against attempting to mess with the greenhouse windows as this was my only donor.  This one goes into the display case as is.

The donors were the '59 Johan Fury HT and '60 Johan Cop Wagon.  Exterior is Tamiya gray primer, Folk Art Succulent craft acrylic thinned with washer fluid, and Tamiya clear.  Not remembering what his interior looked like I made a combination of Krylon Catalina Mist, Folk Art Greenscape and Ceramcoat Ivory.  His car was a business stripper so no whitewalls.  I made the Madison Scout decals.

Thanks for looking








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I saw one just a couple of hours ago. It was red with a white top. It's back to the Fifties this weekend at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Rode by my wife was driving so I could drool all over myself.

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On 6/17/2021 at 9:09 PM, Maindrian Pace said:

Very nice job, and PDQ considering all the work.

The build actually took a couple of months or more Mike.  I stockpiled the pix as I went along and tried to put them in somewhat of an order when I posted in WIP.  I'm definitely not a fast builder ;)

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