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AMT 1971 Plymouth Duster 340 in Go Mango Orange.


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With special thanks to a fellow Forum member for sending me a missing part, I was finally able to finish the '71 Duster 340 yesterday. The paint is Model Master Go Mango Orange with MM clear, while the hood is just black primer with satin clear brushed on. The interior is just white primer with satin clear airbrushed on and the black floors and dash are also black primer with Pledge brushed on the dash. The gauges are decals and the dash trim is very carefully brushed on Molotow Chrome. I added ignition wires to the engine, and valve stems on the wheels, while the window trim is Bare Metal Foil. What a great kit overall, and a generally fun build. Thanks for looking!














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22 hours ago, cobraman said:

Looks fantastic !!


21 hours ago, gseeds said:

 I love Dusters , really dig the color, and think your build is awesome! 


21 hours ago, michelle said:

nice work 


21 hours ago, charger74 said:

Very nice 


20 hours ago, AMT68 said:

Impeccable work as always Craig. I like your technique using a clear over the seats.


11 hours ago, Tom99 said:

Very nice!


10 hours ago, Zippi said:

Great looking Duster Craig.  The orange paint looks killer and your foil work is spot on. 


10 hours ago, Plowboy said:

That's a nice looking Duster Craig! The Go Mango color really suits it!


7 hours ago, Classicgas said:

Well done.


4 hours ago, espo said:

Very realistic looking finishes thru out. Very cleanly detailed engine and chassis.  


3 hours ago, Hans1971 said:

The seats look very special !
Nice scenery too.


Thanks for the kind words everyone, much appreciated!!

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On 7/6/2021 at 3:42 PM, 1959scudetto said:

perfect color for this well-built muscle car - amazing!


On 7/6/2021 at 3:51 PM, Olskoolrodder said:

Wow that looks 1:1/real! Very nicely done! 😁


On 7/7/2021 at 1:49 AM, Dominik said:

well done! looks good


On 7/8/2021 at 2:12 AM, ATHU said:

Super nice build!!


19 hours ago, slusher said:

Fantastic looking Duster!    👀 


10 hours ago, PappyD340 said:

Super nice Duster!

Thanks guys!

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17 hours ago, mustang1989 said:

Good LORD that looks good!! I've got this kit in the stash and seeing this build makes me want to bust out with it now. Spectacular work on this car.

Thanks Joe! It really is a pretty nice kit overall and has some pretty good details. If you do build it any time soon, the only issue I came across was this heads-up from Gerald Goff which helped immensely.....A word of advice if you haven't built one of these kits before, final assembly will go much smoother if you remove the flange from the bottom of the front windshield. It doesn't allow the interior to go up into the body far enough which in turn doesn't allow the body to fit all the way down over the chassis. You may even have to grind a little off the front of the dash as well.

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