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'62 Ford Galaxie A/FX


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Okay, this has got to be one of the most boring looking drag cars ever posted on here but I needed an early Ford super stocker to round out my 1/25 collection of early 60's super stockers and in '61 - '62 they were all pretty unsexy. This model was intended to reproduce 1 of the 11 "factory lightweight" super stock cars with the new 406 cu. in. V-8's and dual Holley carbs that Ford had Dearborn Steel Tubing Corp. make from bone stock stripped-down Galaxy sedans. NHRA made them classify these cars as factory experimental because of all the non-factory-optional mods such as the fiberglass and aluminum body parts. Here's a good link on the background history:


I used this Mecum auction posting as a"walk-around" reference:


This is my first attempt at kit bashing a resin body (Jimmy Flintstone) to an injection molded kit, in this case the ‘60 Ford Starliner. This is also my first attempt at DIY decals and I made a point of selecting a monochrome decal subject due to the cheap HP inkjet printer I had available. It’s been an education for me working with resin and I have even greater appreciation now for the beautiful resin builds I see posted here - it’s not easy! Lot's of casting flash, very rough uneven inside surfaces, really heavy and variable wall thicknesses, it's a testament to the strength of these Flintstone cast parts that I didn't break anything while cleaning them up.  The AMT '60 Starliner interior and chassis fit this resin body with very little required in the way of modifications.  I scratch built the windows using .005” clear styrene sheet and it worked out okay for this subject, at least for the two sides and the rear, the front windshield ended up a little too recessed. I used Tamiya TS-54 light metallic blue lacquer for the interior and airbrushed the base paint on the body using an original factory color, Corinthian White, which I ordered from Scalefinishes.com and clear coated it with Tamiya TS-13.

Far from perfect but good enough to provide an early example to add to my early sixties super stock collection. I promise to build a prettier one next time!

Still not tired of building these classic old SS'ers!














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Very nice build.  To me the '62 Ford was the ugly middle child between the '61 and '63.  You have done a very commendable job with this build. Love the simplicity of the subject matter, but it was all business on the 1/4 mile.

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Not boring at all, in my opinion. These are some of my favorite types of cars to build, and see being built. Fantastic job on this one, John. Everything looks correct, from the undercarriage, to the tires and paint. I understand that many builders don’t like to build more than one model after they build it. If there are decals available for five cars, I say build them up. Your 62 is a perfect representation of those old, cool, super stockers of yesteryear. I have another resin 62 in my stash, that I still am undecided on how to build it. Choices, choices. 

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Boring looking or not, I really like the early A/FX cars and you did a real nice job on your model. The early 60's A/FX and S/S classes produced some of the best racing, it's nice to see the cars reproduced by yourself and others on this site. Keep up the good work.

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I love the Galaxies and I think you did an excellent job with this one! When you have a chance, perhaps you could post a bit more detail on how you went about making the decals - printer, paper, etc., and if there were any issues with applying them. Thanks!

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Really nice . it’s tough to get the thickness right around the window opening’s right.I’ve got a soft spot for these old galaxies my first car is a 64 which I still have. They ride and drive so nice. Ford really got them right. I’ve been hopping that amt will reissue the 1960 kit I could use a dozen. It would be cool to have Phil Bonner decals for the 62&63 galaxies.

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