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71 challenger


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this is a replica of sam hanna's 71 challenger project car that his friend g callen bought him after the 70 challenger sam had been restoring for 10 years that he called charlene was stolen from the storage locker he kept it in it was later found striped and burned  on a street in van nuys and that fact was hidden  from sam  by eric and nell and most likely hetty  
this was the b plot from the ncis los angeles season 3 episode sacrifice 
the car  wasa 71 that was missing the grilles and had one miss matched rim and had both front quarter  panels primered  the passanger side was in a grey primer and the drivers side in a black primer we did not see the engine but was most likely  a small block of some kind going by the flat  hood  the engine and exhaust system was  in not good condition  due to ammount of  exhaust smoke it put out  after the car finely turned over  and continued to as g and sam drove off in it   the engine just made a rattle and popping sound the whole time 
i used a resin  71 challenger pace car hood and tail light panel/back bumper from harts parts resin  
the main challenger  i used was a 70 challenger built up i got from steamboat 
i hand painted the grey primered  front quarter panel  with a grey acrylic paint i then made my own rust colored weather paint  mixing two acrylic paints and a few drops of rust wash  











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