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Hi all well I've not been able to post on here for over a year as my pics would not show but I've been shown how to to it now.

This has been on the go for a while but here is where I am now I Sprayed some yellow (quite pleased as we all know yellow is a pita this is an incredible kit (although the fit is not up to tamiya standards the detail is outstanding, it's actually an ex protar kit.












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OK first off (as with everything in this kit) either the locating holes are too small or the locating pins are too big either way on the rear suspension it is really important to drill parts 342L and 343L holes out with a 1.8 mill drill like this.

Or you will end up with the problem I had with getting it off without snapping the pin that it goes into off as it will not go fully home if you don't drill it out.

The pluming on this is a nightmare (I should have labeled all the pipes at the start of this build.







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Hi all the instructions tell you to leave 2.5 mm of the stud sticking out of the hub and thread the wheel nut onto that unfortunately the narrow part of the hole  into which you are supposed the thread the studvont is recessed 3 mill into the nut, my initial thought was to sand 3 mm off the nut thus bringing the thread able area forward, however the nut is tapered (as is the centre of the wheel) in the end I decided to drill the nut out so the hole was the same all the way through then drill that out 1.4 mm and thread that onto the stub, worked a treat.

The skirts are just placed there for a look see as there is loads more to do before they are finally fitted.

I'm really pleased with how this is going, I wonder if protar did any more of these F1 kits and if they can still be had on ebay and such.











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Protar/Italeri did a McLaren MP4/2C and Alfa Romeo 179/179C.

The Alfa was a recent rerelease (like your Renault) and there are some about.  I think the McLaren is a real-soon-now rerelease.  I’m hoping to get one of each just to broaden my range of 1/12 F1 kits as Tamiya has a heap of 1970’s stuff and not much of that later period.

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