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Valve Cover Breathers

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48 minutes ago, bluestringer said:

Thanks, I had not thought of that. I've seen it at hobby lobby. Would that .080 be the correct size? 

I have no idea which size is correct for a street car but the Drag racing kits I’ve build have large ones. 

Easy way to think about 1/24 or 1/25 scale is 1mm equals 1 inch. I know not everyone uses the metric system but if oldnslow says 3” then the 3mm rod would be correct. Easier then working out 0.120 IMO 

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Great suggestions here for what to use. I would suggest looking at as many pictures of the engine in different cars and see how and where the manufacture mounted the breathers. One thing to remember the manufacture would usually stamp out one or two valve cover shapes to be used on all of the cars that were using that engine. The location of the breather would depend on what all else was going on in the engine compartment. Just depends on if you're going for the perfect OEM look or some custom application. 

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The plastic runners (as you call them "sprue") is excellent raw material for making all sorts of things.

You could chuck a piece of the plastic runner in a Dremel, and (on slow speed) using a file, shape it to resemble a breather. If the diameter is too large, just file it down until it looks right. You are sort of using the Dremel and file like a poor-man's lathe.  I've made quite a few round-shaped parts that way.

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